Friday, 20 May 2011


Hiiya !!!

                This is just a random thought on the (In)Famous Hairstyles of SonuNigam :P :P I adore him as a singer and he used to look gr8 :D He is the no.1 male singer according to me and his voice is so beautiful :) But nowadays his hairstyles are more known than his singings skills...So here is a quick glimpse of his hairstyles thru the years...

He looks wow :D 

Looks a little aged par phir bhi mast :):)

I personally like this look which he came up with in his album CLASSICALLY MILD!!He looked a greek god in the videos of this album :)

This look is passable doesnt look bad but nt good either..

It is a proof that he is trying hard for publicity dont know why :|

I was ROFL on looking at this pic:P :P 

Pretty Interesting huh:P
Some days back I was watching the movie Underworld and realized that the leader of lycans LUCIAN played by Michael Sheen and Sonu bore resemblances...So i googled the images and have put them up here :D

So is it tat me gone crazy or you guys share my views on this???

Disclaimer:These are my own opinions.No offense meant.If you think this violates any rights please do inform me.


  1. Awesome read!! even i feel the same way...he was such great eyecandy when he was younger and his voice is so dreamy...but now he looks like a sanyasi!!he looks unclean!! :/ and that last 2pony look is just BLEAH!! i had never seen that pic and i was staring at t for 5sec and thinkin WTF??! but honestly..what the hell is he thinkin?! thats all i can think bout!!!

  2. hehehe :P yeah did u notice the similarity btw the the char and him?

  3. oh sonu.. he was a craze in our school days...And I think someone is drooling over sonu ;)

  4. @Indgal:rofl :P Yup I used to drool but not now ;)

  5. he he :D
    I know he totally wierd in the pony tails.. what was he thinking..

  6. @Indgal:where r u based in chennai?

  7. lol.. yeah he is gone from "prince charming" to "prince scary"... but still d prince ;)



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