Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hi there !
              I am crazy abt LIP BALMS :D and yes i buy loads of them..Though i like Lipbalms that are very moisturising I prefer their Tinted cousins.They can brighten up my day anytym :) So now as my exams are nearly over :( I thot of dng a review on TBS BORN LIPPY PASSION BERRY lip balm :) I got this lip balm on my visit to the Ampa Sky walk centre located in Anna nagar.
This is wat the website of The Body Shop UK claims(Sry i tried finding abt it  in the TBS INDIA website bt it was not listed there...weird :\)

Passion-A glossy and moisturising lip balm with an exotic berry flavour, that leaves lips looking and feeling soft, smooth and kissable. flower fruit extract - helps provide a natural fruity flavour.
Community Trade organic beeswax - moisturises & helps condition the lips. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture.
Lanolin - is one of nature’s richest moisturisers
 It cost me abt 195 bucks..nt sure.It looks intense in the container with a light red-violet shade :D and on application on my lips gives a mild mauvish lips but enhanced effect :) here is the swatch of the lip balm:

>>It is very moisturising
>>Heals chapped lips
>>Gives a better look  to lips
>>Contains natural ingredients(If the claims are to be believed!!)
>>Lasts for 2 to 3 hrs...big deal for me :)
>>will last for quite some time
>>Comes in a cute little box :D

>> Ok..It is a little bit sticky :O
>>The some kind of fruity toffee..nt tat i hate toffees...but it is a little overpowering at first but then it fades after sometime
>>cannot be used as a night time lip balm because of the tint.
>>Expensive...i feel that the cost is a little zyada for the amount.only 9g!
>> hygiene wise low since everytym u got to dip your fingers into the tub..I prefer to use it when I am at home

Overall I love this product and would recommend to anyone looking for a moisturizing tinted lipbalm :):)

RATING: :D:D:D and half  :D

So Have you guys tried this and and what are your opinions about it???
Do share your views :)


  1. used to love these cause the smell so good!!!

  2. Yeah..I love the strawberry and satsuma ones.:D but this ones's smell nt much..;)

  3. ohhh.. the smells a problem? Thats weird.. looks so good!



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