Saturday, 30 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 15 by Tej!

Tej has sent her entry for the giveaway and I must say I am wowed by the fact that she has actually reviewed the blush and sent in her beautiful FOTD <3 Thanks hon :)

Rimmel London 001 Spring Flower 3 in 1 Powder Blush

Today I am sharing with you my favourite blush. Its more than 2 years since I have used any other blush. Although sometimes I use MUA blush but mostly I use this one only. Thanks to Raga, I am able to review this one as part of my entry for this contest. I always wanted to review but was busy in reviewing other things. Butdidn’t want to let go this opportunity to review it.

What product claim??

Rimmel Lasting Finish Blendable Powder Blush - 3 shades in the same pan to achieve different looks. Use the shades together by sweeping the surface for a general healthy look effect. Combine the different shades by 3 or 2 and mix them to personalize your shade.

Why I love it?

Spring Flower is my favourite blush. The 3 shades are divided into 3 parts in a single pan which are equally distributed .The colours are light pink, shimmery pink and a dark pink.The texture and pigmentation is smooth, silky, and soft and applies like butter. With one swipe we can pick up a decent amount of product. I use light pink for regular use but mixture of shimmery n dark pink used for evenings.This trio is perfect and best option to buy single blush rather than buying three different blushers providing the opportunity to try different looks. It would suit medium to fair skin tones and is available in 4 shades.

Application: It is very easy to apply as it comes with cute applicator. It is smaller in size so I would prefer to use a larger blusher blush.

Texture: The texture is very nice and smooth when applied on cheeks and gives a natural look.

Price: £3.25

Final Verdict:For Pink Lovers this Blush is Great value for money as 3 colours come in single pan and littler brush included is very handy. Packaging is compact and you can easily take with you while traveling. Colour stays longer on my cheeks at least 4-5 hours. It gives a healthy n glamorous glow to overall face. Very affordable product and can get it easily from Boots, EBay or Superdrugstores!

Editor's Note : U luk ekdam jhakas Tej :D Loved ur makeup :) Thanks for this lovely entry :)


  1. Thanks Ragga for posting my entry and beautiful words for me :)

  2. This is super pretty shade Teji...U r looking fab <3

  3. Wow Teji loved the blush on you <3 Loved the Red Dress too :)

  4. Superb sweety...thank God atlest m hvin dis one bt in different shade..n u explained d product vry well..u luks gr8 as alwaz...:-):-)

    1. shikhu..i know that u got this one ..coz when u put ur haul pics I told u that I own this one n was talking abt this one only. .
      Its awesome product I must say !!
      Thanks soo much for ur kind words ...

  5. wow.. you look fab Tej and the blush is so pretty dear.<3

    1. Thank you soo much niesha♥♥
      Indeed its v pretty blush :):)

  6. I was eyeing its peachy variant and pat came ur post :)

  7. I have heard you rave about this one and now also got to see your FOTD with it though you had told me about the other pics where you are wearing it :) Really good product with 3 colors and further ability to create more shade tones by mixing. Great review Tej!

  8. pretty women
    u look gr8
    p.s love ur hair , tips pls :p



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