Saturday, 2 March 2013

Get Cheeky Giveaway : Entry 2 by Farhat Sultana !!

So the second entry is by Farhat Sultana :) 

Here is wat she has to say about the Jordana Touch of Pink Blush :

I love it a lot and wear it daily! 

Editor's Note : So wanna try the Jordana Blushes but they are always out of stock online! Pretty everyday wear shade.Looks similar to cosmic rose from Colorbar!


  1. Same here.. I want to try them too but every time i check they are out of stock.
    BTW Nice color Farhat .:)

  2. I badly wanna hordana blush :(
    Nice blush shade dear :)

  3. i too wanna try atleast 1 of these but never get a chance .. pretty shade :)



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