Monday, 4 March 2013

Lipstick Love : Maybelline Super Stay Lipstick in Lasting Chestnut Review and Swatches!

As promised I am reviewing the Maybelline 14hr super stay lipstick.

  •   The packaging is distinct from other Maybelline lipsticks.Sturdy and has a lower colored half that helps u know the shade by looking at the package.But be careful with the lipstick bullet.It is too close to the top.U might end up squishing the bullet otherwise.
  • Priced at 525/- Rs. it is definitely on the higher side. 
  • U can check out Maybelline New York’s Long Lasting Lipstick here:

  •   The shade lasting chestnut is chocolate brown.Personally I am not into browns.But I can use it as a tint for office once in a while!
  •  The shade is highly pigmented.One swipe is enough to cover pigmentation.

  •  The texture of the lipstick is smooth but not creamy.
  •  Feels sticky on the lips for like half an hr after application.A lil amount of glossiness is present for the same time.After that it sets to a true matte finish.
  • Starts drying out my lips after an hour or so. I prefer cream finish even though they are not long lasting ;)
  •  Transfers to cups but it is discernible compared to other lipsticks (read creamy lipsticks).
  • Emphasizes the dry flakes on the lips. So u need exfoliated and well moisturized lips every time u apply lipsticks from this range ;)
  • The lasting power is 7 hours. I took my food 3 hours after application and it faded slightly on the inner flesh.But other than that it stays intact for 5 hours after which it started fading. The tagline is totally far fetched ;)
  • Stains the lips.

If u r a matte lipstick lover then these lipsticks are great choices to have :) They have a plethora of shades to suit every taste.  This particular brown shade can be MLBB for dusky and dark skin :) 

 Product sent by brand for consideration. But my opinions are honest swear to God ;)


  1. i agree with the dry flakes aspect!! it was so prominent on my lips!!

    1. Yea but my lips are behaving so its was not adverse! But yea it emphasizes d dry flakes :/

  2. Dry part of this lipstick is the big drawback I think Nice Review Dear :)

  3. Thanks for saving my money I'll buy an inglot refil for less ;)

  4. Nice review...color is good..:)

  5. nice review , I like the color too .. might give it a shot :)



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