Thursday, 10 January 2013

Blush Lust: Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Blusher in Day Blushes Review and Swatches!

Meet my new Boyfriend! Whenever I see him I blush! Not only blush a little glow too ;) And he goes by the name Day Blushes :)

Let me tell you a story : This girl was just stepping into the makeup world.Lakme had released the Earth Trio blush.The girl did not understand why she had to pay 600 bucks for a blush! So she didn't get it though it was being raved everywhere.She had money but no understanding.And by the time she realized its importance the blush was discontinued sob sob!! I so feel bad for the girl!
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So when the Day blusher was released by Lakme she decided that she would get it by hook or crook!And of course she did.That is why you are reading the review now :P

  • Lakme had introduced 4 shades of blushes under the Absolute Range.All of them have shimmers but the Day Blushes is the least shimmery.
  • The packaging consists of a plastic round box inside which the dome shaped blush is placed.The top part is transparent with a L logo inscribed on it :) Classy I must say.It would also help if u own more than 1 blush from the range :)

  • The blush is a beautiful coral-peach-pink combination.Though I own blushes from all the 3 color families I don't have anything like this!
  • The texture is very soft and hence the fall out is huge.So no swirling with this ;)
  • It is highly pigmented.On a scale of 0-5 I would give it 4.5.

  • Blending is easy.No patches here.
  • The finish is a subtle glow on the cheeks. U can't exactly find out the shimmer unless u are directly under strong light :)
  • Lasting power was about 3 hours on my cheeks. That is average but with a shade so pretty I can easily overlook that!
  • It retails for Rs.550 but u can get it for Rs.522 at
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I adore this blush from the range.Wish Lakme introduces matte blushes too.I am eyeing the Night Sheen next. It is a gorgeous peachy golden shade :)


  1. looks so preetty, the packaging looks like Milani

  2. Loved the packing n your Review...seems good Blush I loved the shade :) Swethuuuuuu

  3. This looks gr8, u have taken nice pics! I got this 2 months back and i loved it too!

  4. loved the shade ... now i am tempted to buy this one :D

  5. the color is sooo pretty! I bet it looks awesome on you! i'm getting this on my next visit to H&G!! Or I'll just come over and steal it :P

  6. He he! Nice intro and I love the package:)

  7. It is such a lovely colour...and cute packaging

  8. Gorgeous Color.
    I like the pigmentation. Trying this soon!

  9. I haven't seen milani stuff :P Yea it is pretty :)

  10. Aww Thanks Taps :) me too lovin it :D

  11. Haha i like tempting :P Get it ;)

  12. Tats sweet of u Deeps :D Cum here and steal it thn ;)

  13. u r d one who has appreciated it Shylu ;)

  14. Ain't it?? It makes me feel happy :D

  15. It is awsum shade Niesha! Yes yes get it!

  16. i love the packaging...and the color looks soo adorable

  17. awesome review :D .. will def look out for this on my next visit...from absolute range I have night sheen :)...<3 it!!! keep in touch :))...kisses



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