Saturday, 19 January 2013

Skincare Tip of the Week #6

Yes this feature still exists :P And Will be updated regularly every Saturday as I had decided initially :)

Moving on to the tips :

  • Dark Circles: For dark circles, apply a paste of cucumber seeds and curd. Cucumber seeds is a great source of Silica.And u guys would have known silica is essential for skin's elasticity.Hence applying the paste to ur face helps in maintaining youthful skin :)
  • Tanned/Discolored Lips: f ur lips have become tanned and discolored due to sun/usage of cheap makeup U can treat it by mashing boiled beetroots and applying the paste on ur lips (overnight).
  • Quick Facial :If u r someone who never has time for facials and the like before parties/outings ,freeze orange/strawberry juice into ice cubes beforehand.Rub the cubes all over face and neck for a quick brightening treatment :) The ice cubes shrink your pores making the skin look smoother and the nutrients from the juice rejuvenate ur face! 
I forgot to mention that you r nt supposed to use the ice cubes directly over ur face.Wrap it in a cloth preferably cotton and then press and dab on your skin :)

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  1. Wowww very nice tips Dear... I have very bad dark gonna try the tips.. :)

  2. great post raaga ..will try the dark circles one

  3. Useful tips. Specially liked the ice cubes one :)

  4. Super! Loved the quick facial tip.. going to stock up on those ice cubes now :D

  5. Loved the quick tips especially quick facial..

    I recently started following ur blog and I have to say I love it. I'd be real happy if u visit my blog. Please do follow if u like what u see. <3

  6. awesome tips...i shall try the facial one



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