Monday, 7 January 2013

8 Pretty Pink Blushes for Everyday Wear!

There was this guy in my college campus.Whenever I saw him my face turned red and he would have been dumb not to know it ;) He looks insanely handsome!And carries himself with elan! And no I am not going to give you his Facebook link :) 

 So y am I sharing this?? I can't have him at my side to keep looking in the *pink of health*. I know some of you face this dilemma too ;) And I am going to help all those by sharing pictures and swatches of wearable subtle everyday pink blushes.

Here u go :

Since I cannot name all d blushes inside the foto I am numbering them :)

Click on the picture to enlarge it :)

The Blushes :
1.Inglot Blush No. 27 : Reviewed Here
2.Inglot AMC Blush No.58 : Reviewed here
3.Kryolan Lake Blusher : Reviewed Here
4.Colorbar Cosmic Rose : Reviewed here
5.Lakme Absolute Day Blushes : Not yet reviewed
6.NYX Tea Rose : Reviewed Here
7.Maybelline Soft Plum : Reviewed Here
8.Lakme Cheek Artist Kiss of Rose : Not Reviewed.

I swear Tea Rose is a rose colored blush! It is just misbehaving in the swatches.
Lakme Absolute Day Blushes is a lovely combination of peach-pink-coral so couldn't help adding it :)

Hope U find the post useful :) 

Keep Blushing!


  1. Lol u have a huge collections blush :p me wanna all hehehe

  2. Haha :P Nt at all :P U want?? Come here thn :D

  3. Nice collection... I want to try the Kryolan one .:)
    Gimme that na .:))

  4. loved all of them! wish I could steal the Day blush and Colorbar from you. And you were talking about looting my collection! You have an awesome collection of pink blushers! Ae wannn!!! :P

  5. NYX and colorbar looks so tempting.. You have very nice collection of blushes.
    Participate in Giveaway-(

  6. nice collection the kryolan one looks very pretty

  7. Love pink blushes but sadly have no pinks from inglot. All the swatches look pretty and congrats for the fine collection. Thank you :)

  8. wow u have such a fabulous collection!!

  9. wow loved each and every pink
    u r ryt dey al r fab :)

  10. loving all of them...very pretty

  11. Haha :) Yea d Kryolan one is pretty :)

  12. :P U have 68 blushes! And am gng to loot them ;) Thank u :*

  13. Yes they r pretty colors Shikha Thank u :)

  14. Oh U must get some pinks from Inglot :)

  15. That's a nice collection. I'm not much of a blush person and I have just 1. Lakme Blusher in Peach Affair and I love it!!!

  16. Inglot no 56 looks lovely. I don't have any Inglot blushes...will have to get this one. Have you tried their cream blushes? Heard they are really good.

  17. It is 58 Dollie :) No not yet :) Yea hopin to get in next haul :)



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