Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Skincare : Aroma Magic Rose Oil Review!

Adding essential oil to ur skincare aids in the improvement of the overall texture and health of the skin :)

I have been using the Aroma Magic Rose Oil for more than an year now.

  • The oil is housed in a translucent brown glass bottle.Little heavy and since it is a glass bottle not travel friendly at all.
  • Price point : Rs.220 for 15 ml.It would last u a month with everyday usage.
  • The oil is colorless and has a redolent concentrated rose fragrance.
  • Since it is an essential oil it is to ONLY used along with a carrier oil like olive/almond oil.Do not use it directly on ur skin. 
  • Frequent usage of the oil imparts a glow to the skin. My skin looks well nourished and healthy :)

  • Few benefits of rose oil :
               ~ Has astringent qualities i.e. helps in shrinking large pores.
               ~ Is anti bacterial : helps against skin infections.
               ~ Soothes the skin and helps fight acne.
               ~ Provides rich nourishment to the skin.
  • Various ways to wean this into ur skincare regime  :
             ~ U can use the rose oil mixed with moisturizer/night cream for skin conditioning.
             ~ With olive/almond oil for a deep massage once/twice a week based on ur skin preferences.
             ~ Mixed with ur face masks.
             ~ In Aromatherapy. I just pour 2/3 drops of the oil in hot water before bath. Very relaxing :D
             ~ Mix it with few drops of water and dab it onto ur pulse points for instant perfume ;) 


Currently on my 3rd bottle. Do I need to say more?? It will suit both dry skin and oily skin. I love using it as part of my facial routines :)


  1. great review, thanks for sharing the benefits of rose oil. mix with honey and use as a pack, works wonders for me

    1. Thanks yar :) Oh I have used it too :) Add milk :)

  2. sounds great, i always love their products!!!

  3. i love essential oils...might buy this one too :)

  4. I LOVE Aroma Magic and this sounds amazing! I have it but i barely use ill use it more often

    1. Same here :) Gud sj=kincare stuff at reasonable prices :)

  5. I have been thinking of getting this for a long time now..but I always forget :P Saved as reminder now :) Nice review <3

    1. Aww thanks a lot Sukanya :) Get it soon :)

  6. I love essential oils! Never tried Aroma Magic before though.. Will give it a try once I'm done with my current one :)

    1. It is a good brand for skincare products Neha :) Hope u like it :)

  7. i will get i t i will get it
    love rose for skin :)



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