Thursday, 3 January 2013

Makeup Love from 2012!

I got fewer makeup in 2012 as in 2011 cuz of setbacks. But the products I purchased were mostly satisfactory :) and what is more I wore more makeup last year :D So here is me posting some photos of makeup that I loved to bits!

Maybelline Berry Brilliant Lipstick : The combination of fuchsia, berry and plum works amazingly well and brightens up my face like no other lipstick! Read my rave here

Inglot Blush in AMC 58 : Top notch quality and reasonable pricing make this reddish pink blush a winner! Review HERE.

Lakme Insta Liner : I always had problems with liquid liners.But last year I fell in love with liquid liners thanks to Lakme :) Elle 18 step back. Not yet reviewed.

Amway Attitude Kajal in Coal : Hands down the best kajal I have ever used ;) Smooth application, lesser smudging, better staying power and not to mention the jet black intensity!More info at: Amway Attitude kajal Coal Review
Lakme Blusher in Day Blushes : My recent acquisition and I am already hooked :P Yet to be reviewed.

Lakme Eyeconic Mascara : I can skip my curler guilt free with this.Wine for the parched eyes! Yet to be Reviewed.

Lotus Alphamoist Moisturizer : I know the title is misleading :P This one works for a range of skin types and am a happy girl! Check out more here
Photoban 30 : My sunscreen prescription.Blending is a breeze and makes my skin look good ( I have no idea how). Read a preview HERE.
Aroma Magic Rose Oil : Benefaction for dry skin.I use it in my mask, scrub and night cream.Does not feel oily and soothes the skin.Yet to be reviewed.

Auravedic Skin Polish : Best scrub used till date. Free of chemicals and hey it works :) Read about it HERE .

Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion : Smells great and moisturizes very well.Preview here.

So that's it! Now when I look at the list, I realize Lakme is my most used brand :O Lakme has proved it is still the desi fav of us Indians :)   

What are ur makeup and skincare favorites from 2012?? Share in the comments! U know I love reading them ;)


  1. I so agree with you. I love their insta-liner. Hassle -free, lonstay and washable!
    Good to see my favorites like Vaseline, etc as well :)

  2. Lovely compilation! Most fo these products are my favourite too. Where did you get that sunscreen? meant for dry skin is it? I'm looking for a sunscreen for my extremely dry skin. And the blush color is to die for! :D

  3. very nice post.. most of these are my favorites too..

  4. All are wonderful products me too loved Auravedic face polish, Vaseline

  5. Heard good reviews about the blush....

  6. Yea I am liking it a lot :) Thanks Nivedita :)

  7. Thanks Deepika :D Yea d sunscreen is for dry sensitive skin :) u can get it in any pharma :) But it is nt sweat/water proof.

  8. Am glad u liked it Sukanya :)

  9. Yea they r am lucky na :)

  10. U mean d Inglot or lakme one Preethi??

  11. Nice list :)
    Haha, I think my most used brand was Maybelline last year.. almost everything I have is Maybelline now :D

  12. Tat happened with me in 2011 :P But now I have moved onto other brands :) Maybelline does churn out gr8 products thou it does animal testing :(



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