Friday, 4 January 2013

Skincare: Vedic line moisturizeer in Fig and Honey Review!

If u guys had seen my haul post U would know I got this fig and honey moisturizer free with the sandalwood and turmeric one :) 
So did I like d sample??Read onnnnnnn :)

  • The packaging is a miniature version of the sandalwood and turmeric moisturizer.The same flip over cap and plastic bottle.Totally travel friendly and hygienic :)

  • The moisturizer is yellowish-beige in color.
  • Has a thicker consistency compared to the other one. 
  • But gets absorbed in seconds without any greasiness.No whitish cast. 

  • Smells of guava to my nasal sense.I have no idea how fig smells.
  • It is more moisturizing than the sandalwood moisturizer.
  • Will suit normal-oily skin in the winters.
  • It would be greasy for normal skin in the humid summers.
  • Summing up IMO:
                 Summers: Dry skin
                 Winters: Normal/combination/oily skin

  • Retails for Rs.120/- .U can get it from Healthkart/Flipkart :)
  • No SPF content.

Another decent moisturizer from Vedic Line.


  1. Nice Review Dear... :)
    do Vedic line range works good?

  2. Nice review. Ever since I tried this brand, I have been buying more and more products from them. No false claims and does what they say. Shall try this out for sure

  3. Looks pretty good.. nice review :)

  4. nicely reviewed myt give it a try

  5. Thanks Radha :) Yea they do wat they claim :) gud brand with no false claims :)

  6. Yea tats what I like abt d brand Nivedita no hoopa hoola!Do wat they claim :)

  7. Am glad u liked Prayati :)

  8. Nice revie. I haven' tried aything from Vedic line yet.
    BTW, I hosting an International giveaway on my blog where you can win Korean skin care products. It would be great if you could enter.
    Hina. xx

  9. great review! Wud love to try it out :)



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