Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Skincare: Vivel 3-in-1 Face Wash + Scrub Review!

I am someone who sticks to a single cleanser but is unfaithful to her HG moisturizer. I swaer by Cetaphil cleanser. It is hands down the best cleanser I have used. Most of the face washes I have tried dry my skin and some feel slippery after use. But Cetaphil is great. Does not dry out and skin feels squeaky clean. Sorry I digress.This is supposed to be a review on the Vivel 3-in-1 face wash + scrub.

 Read my cetaphil review here : Cetaphil Cleanser Review

Honestly I did not expect this face wash to work.I got this as a sample on purchase of Femina 2 weeks back.
So did the product impress me?? Yes Yes Yes! and why?

  • The packaging is in the form of the usual tube.Travel friendly and hygienic.
  • The liquid is transparent with blue scrub particles.
  • The smell I couldn't nail it but it reminds me of the clean and clear blackhead scrub.A lil detergenty but not much to bother ur senses.
  • The texture is gel like liquid.Not runny.

  • It lathers well.
  • The scrub particles are not gritty and will work well for sensitive skin too.
  • Face felt clean and moisturized ( yes u read it right! ).Not the slippery kind of moisturization.The good kind like You have applied a moisturizing gel on ur skin.And am mentioning gel because gels are not exactly the right products for dry skin like mine.Therefore u will need a cream over this after 15-20 minutes.
  • I did the Cetaphil test over this. Took a cotton ball with cetaphil and used all over my face. There were no traces of dirt on the cotton. Which means this face wash passed the test ;)If u r curious u can use a toner instead :)
  • This is no way a substitute for the regular scrub but will work well in case of emergencies :) 
  • Price : Rs.65 for 50 ml.
IMO this 3-in-1 face wash + scrub  deserves a spot in ur bag for a quick refresh :) For dry skin this is a thumbs up :)


  1. Nice Review never used vivel range of products :)

  2. Nice post :)...I have oily skin though!
    New post at my end :)

    Bong's Belleza

  3. Thank u Radha :) U can try this!

  4. Ayantika and Prayati : Ohh I have no idea abt oily skin :\



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