Friday, 25 January 2013

Fitter Me: It's Fiber tym!

Fitter me series will feature every thursday! Oh it's friday today?? never mind ;)

Want to lose weight but unable to control the hunger pangs??

What u need to add in your diet : FIBERS !

  • Fiber is the good,dependable and resilient soldier that helps u fight weight gain :)
  • There are 2 types of fiber : Soluble one that dissolves in water and Insoluble one that does not.
  • So how can fiber help u lose weight ?? And which fiber should I include in my diet??
        Well The answer is both.

          The insoluble fiber cannot be digested.It passes through the digestive system thereby slowing down the digestive process.This aids in a prolonged feeling of fullness.Hence u will consume lesser amount of food and cut down on snacks.

            If u r on diet,u cut down a lot of food (unwanted hopefully) from ur daily intake.This might lead to constipation.The Soluble form of fiber helps avoid the constipation troubles by making the excreta softer and easier to send out.

  • After a lot of research I also learnt that the carcinogens,fat and bad bacteria stick to the insoluble fiber as it passes through the digestive and excretory system.Thereby it helps with lowering cholesterol and risk of gastric diseases :)
  • Some of the known sources of fiber are : 
  1. Whole grains 
  2. Brown Rice 
  3. Legumes
  4. Vegetables like Cabbage,Cauliflower,Spinach,beans and mushrooms
  5. Oats : Oats has a high amt of soluble fiber in it. But it is also high in Carbohydrates. If u avoid other forms of carbs then feel free to indulge in oats :)
Personally I take Fiber supplements once a day (Nutrilite Fiber) and include greens in my diet at least once in 2 days :)
 Plus I eat only whole grain products like whole wheat bread and multi grain roti :)

And please stay away from Maida/All purpose flour! It is the worst kind of food u can provide ur body with.

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  1. I am eating Brown rice...and it is very healthy :) Nice Post :)



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