Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bridge to Nature : Ruskin Bond Part 1 !

There are some things in life u can never forego. For some it is Kajal for others it is a hot pink lipstick.And for me it is The Bond Ruskin Bond! His books are an absolute treasure. I enjoy his books no less than the Dan Brown bestsellers.

I have already written my views on my favorite book :

Rain in the Mountains

 I own atleast 10 books of his and thse 2 I keep for re reads :)

All Roads Lead to Ganga talks about the valley stretches of Mandakini and Alakananda...the serendipity of the Tungnath...the first rays of the Sun through the snow clad mountains.For a battered soul this is like Tomato soup :) Calmness and warmth delivered straight to the soul.
This is a must read :)

Funny Side Up is a not exactly a full speed laugh riot but makes u smile and laugh at the good humored sarcasm and digs of the author. He has a knack for observing and jotting down even the tiny details which serves well his jocular take on life :) Another must read in my IMO ;)

If you live a stressful life I suggest u replace ur caffeine with his books!

I will try to write about his other books in due course :) 


  1. Loved this post as I'm a huge fan of Ruskin Bond books! The little Book of comfort is also so comforting and makes me take a positive look at life when I'm low :)

  2. I love Ruskin bond! He is like the grandpa I never had :D I like the little book too :)

  3. I also like his writing a lot...



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