Friday, 18 January 2013

Celeb Makeup :Anushka Sharma at Filmfare Nomination Bash!

So I was going through the pictures from the Filmfare Nominations 2013 bash and found this one photo where Anushka Sharma looks ekdam different from her usual dewy skin/smokey eyes avatar!

Though I am crazy about her and secretly have a gal crush, I feel she looks too vampy here. Is it just me or u too think her eye makeup could have been toned down??

What do you gals think?? type out ur views ;)

Image source: Msn and Yahoo!


  1. Ya you are correct About her make up :)

  2. me too din like her makeup here
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  3. Lol I wish both weren't so bold!! they kind of clash with each other!! I love her lippie color though :D :D and <3 the new layout of your blog!



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