Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fitter Me : Workouts for Weight Loss

Poohkie of Poohkie's place had asked me to post about the workouts I follow way back in November 2012. This post is a month late :P

I have tried losing weight n times but never found one that showed results or was worth sticking to.

Then one day while reading about the Insanity and P90x workouts I came across an article on Jillian Michaels - The Goddess of Weight Loss ! She is known as America's toughest trainer and has been a part of 3 seasons of America's Biggest loser and one season of the Australian version :)

In May I started doing her 30 day shred.That is the workout routine many people swear by and u can count me in too :) It is a combination of cardio and weight training that consists of 3 levels and each level lasts for 25-30 minutes. Jillian has put together a great HIIT ( High Intensity Interval Training ).
I lost only 3 kgs by June end but the physical changes were inspiring to me.I looked leaner and my friends complimented me :)

I finished the 3rd level by July. I lost another 2 kgs and some inches :)

From August I have been doing cardio and strength training separately as I posted in the earlier posts :)
I do Banish Fat Boost Metabolism for Cardio.It is pure cardio no weights at all.Lasts for about 50-55 minutes. If u want more Cardio which I highly doubt u can try the 20 minute Insanity Fat Burn :)
For strength training I follow No More Trouble Zones.It is weights with little cardio :) I love it as I am more into weight training.
Recently I have started doing 6 week 6 pack again by Jillian on alternate days for my tummy.It is HIIT too.

On days I don't feel like working out or don't have the time I just do the Befit in 90 Power Yoga and Denise Austin Total Body yoga Workout . These 2 are great for stretching the body and give a good workout :)

Now so I am bored of BFBM and NMTZ so am thinking of switching it with Jillian's Extreme shred and Shred or Ripped in 30.Yet to decide on that :P

I have summed up the workouts and their intensity levels here :

 I follow a proper diet regime along with the routine :) I have lost more than 10 kgs :) Hope this post benefits u :)   Take care :)       

Image source : Google except the table which is mine.   



  1. Nice post.. surely gonna help those who wish to loose weight.:)
    even i want to loose weight.. not my body.. but my chubby cheeks.. :))

  2. Thank u Niesha :) Hope it does.Even I have chubby cheeks :P

  3. Where did you get the workout videos from?

    I desperately want to lose some weight. Gained so much in the last one year!!

  4. From Youtube Deeps :) haha happens :P

  5. Me too wanna lose some weight but u knw swethu me such lazy person to do workouts hehehe...completely depending on GREEN TEA :)



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