Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Visit to the Chennai Book Fair 2013 and Haul!

I love reading books.They are my best companions :) Also since I usually travel to long distances nothing beats boredom than a suspense thriller :)

The Book fair in Chennai is held every year in the month of January and I have been visiting it for 7 or 8 years!FYI, this is the 36th book fair with about 747 stalls and 450 participants! 10 lakh titles and 1 crore books! 

I visited it yesterday and walked like a zombie :P I am planning to visit it again.It is like a whole world of books where I can get trapped and not even realize ;) 

Sharing some pictures :)

Sorry for the low quality pictures I didn't take my cam plus I was so engrossed in the stalls that I nearly forgot to take snaps :P

And My haul :

What's inside those bags???? My mum was super sweet and bought me so many books since I am officially broke :D  Luv u Mum :* :* 

I wanted to get the Life is what u make it and 7 Secrets of Shiva too :P

There was this offer in one of d stalls (don't remember d name) where u could take 3 novels for 100 bucks.That was too gud an offer to pass.But the novels were really old and mostly adult stuff.I had to wade thru a lot to get these 3.

James patterson is one of my favorites and I have heard a lot about the Stephanie Plum series from the firangi book forums.The Karen Robards one I got on impluse :)

And the Dessert of Yday ;)

 No Book shopping is complete without Ruskin Bond! I got this unabridged collection of his books.It has :
  • The Room on the Roof
  • Vagrants On the valley
  • Flight of Pigeons
  • Delhi is not Far
  • The Sensualist
  • A handful of nuts
I own most of his other books except the ghost collections.I am not much inclined to get them as I am terrified of ghosts and ghost stories :( Let's see if I do muster up some courage to get them :)

And yes this is what I wore yday!

So that's it! Have a gud day and Chennaites do visit the book fair :)

P.S: That is officially the first Book haul of 2013! keeping fingers crossed to reach my target :)
P.P.S: The books are available on online sites at lower rates but nothing can beat real time shopping! What say?? ;)


  1. how i miss the chennai's book fair! its been yrs since.. :(

    i used to go bonkers on seeing books & making to the book fair was a must for me in my school & college days...:)

    u hv a totally varied taste when it comes to books..appreciate that!

    i too hv read one from james patterson.don't rememb now though.. :)

  2. Wow! Another book lover :D Haha thanks :) Ohh u like his buks?? :)

  3. not much... when it comes to fiction.. nobody beats jeff archer for me :D

  4. Hey I love Jeffrey archer too! Waiting for the 3rd installment of the Cliffton Chronicles :)

  5. Amma went during pongal and she said it was really crowded! I so badly wanted a few books..

  6. Ohh yea yday was nt so crowded :) U shud go before 5/6 to check out at a easy pace :) Or better u cum here we both il go :D

  7. I love books's so nice to come across a beauty blogger who loves books as well ;)

  8. so many great books ..i love reading books but paranormal ones or love stories..:)

  9. Haha Yea true Dollie :) Wat kind of buks do u read??

  10. Hey I like paranormal too! Huge fan of vamps and weres :P Actually i like a lot of genres :P



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