Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Product of The Week : Garnier BB cream Review!

Want a soft glowing skin?? Well U might wanna give this bb cream a try ;) 


I did not want to get it initially but succumbed after all those raves and reviews :)
  • It is priced at 119 for 18 g. Introductory offer at Rs.99/-.
  • Packaging consists of a yellowish beige tube with a white cap.A nozzle is used to dispense the product.
  • The texture is between cream and liquid.Just the right kind for blending.
  • U do not need a lot of product.But yes more than the maybelline one.
  • Does not give a whitish cast.
  • The maybelline one disappointed me a lot.It was hard to blend and gave whitish cast that needed 15 mins to settle down.I don't have tat much time in the mornings.

  • This one will suit oily skin gals better.Dry skin gals definitely need a moisturizer underneath.
  • Only 1 shade launched in India but since there is no whitish/greyish cast it works for duskier skin too.
  • Okay the claims are sky high!y???? It claims:
  1. Fairer  looking skin
  2. Healthy glow
  3. Lines and imperfections reduced
  4. Even skin tone
  5. 8H moisturization
  • Lets see :
  1. Fairer looking skin: Ummm no.
  2. Healthy glow: Check
  3. Lines and imperfections reduced : I don't have lines.But I seriously doubt this claim.
  4. Even Skin tone: It is sheer.Does not even conceal slight redness around the mouth/nose.So definitely no.
  5. 8H moisturization : It works for oily/combination skin courtesy my sister.But It doesn't moisturize enuf for my dry skin.So NO from the Dry skin gang ;)

  •  It lasted long like for about 6-7 hours on me! My skin did not look dull even after a tiring day :D
So If u r only looking for a skin brightening ( not lightening) product then this is for you ;) Skin does look  radiant :)

A hell lot better product than the Maybelline BB cream.I might actually use up the entire product and even repurchase this :) But Miracle skin perfector?? Garnier says : U just got trolled!


  1. Thank u :) Did u try this??

  2. had a lot of fun reading this one.. :)

    i bet any other BB stuff wud be better than maybelline :D

    i m currently using oriflame's TM n liking it a lot.. so may shall pass this :)

  3. I have same experience as yours, agree with whatever you saying

  4. lovely review :)i too have the maybelline one and you are right it leaves a white cast on skin,so have to try this :)
    your new follower from :)

  5. I have used both and thats correct, it is better than the maybelline one.. It doesnot give coverage but yes does give a glow to my face too.:)

  6. lol we just got trolled!! lol :D :D awesome review!!

  7. Ha Ha! That was a fun review to read :)

  8. but well yes, miracle skin perfector is too big a claim, I love the brightening but i'd still stick to oriflame TM !!

  9. 2 be honest i don`t use any makeup kits even talcum pdr.....but i liked ur u free can catch me at my space

  10. Thank u :) Ohh Never tried tat 1..Will have to then :)

  11. Thanks Sammanita :) Yes try it u will like it :) Following u back :)

  12. yea I mgt repurchase this :) It does give a glow na Niesha :)

  13. Tats true :P BB creams tryin to troll us ;) Thank u Deeps :D

  14. Thanks :D Oh every1 is raving abt it!U mean d peach me perfect wala na?? Ill try it for sure :)



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