Friday, 11 January 2013

Lipstick Love : Colorbar True Gloss In Vintage Rose Review and Swatches!

There are times when you just want to throw out ur n*de lipsticks and fill ur case with only brights! U suddenly feel confident and order neon shades that u have never given a glance before.Then after trying them on u cower " I can't even wear this at home!" .Even if that's not ur story it surely is mine ;) But I have resolved to wear brights this year. They are instant perk ups and bring life to face without requiring any other makeup.Not even Kajal.All you need is a bright shade that doesn't look gaudy on you and some confidence to shrug off the glances/stares !

I do own fuchsias but I really craved neon at the end of last year so I got this along with 2 Inglot brights :P

  • Colorbar True gloss is priced at Rs.495 a tube. U can get it at a lower rate at medplusbeauty.
  • The packaging consists of a cylindrical tube which looks and feels sophisticated.

  • The applicator is similar to that of the Maybelline Colorsensational glosses.Spongy and easy to apply even in the lip corners.
  • The color is a bright neony hot pink!It looks stunning both on the tube and the lips.
True color

Under sunlight

Under Sunlight

  • The texture is smooth.Glides like honey but exfoliate ur lips before application as it tends to accentuate the flaky areas.
  •  It settles into a glossy finish and is moisturizing.I did not require a lip balm underneath.
  • Has the same weird smell of  the Colorbar Velvet Matte lipsticks :(
True shade!
  •  The pigmentation is a shot through sky! Extremely pigmented, these are liquid lipsticks functioning as undercover glosses ;)
  • U need to be very prudent while applying these.U can easily go overboard. So I would suggest applying little and rubbing ur lips together and repeating till u get the desired coverage/shade.
  • Does not bleed.That is such a relief with colors like these.
In case u don't prefer glossy finish for colors as bright as this u can always go for a matte finish.A shade that is relatively closer to this shade in my vanity is the Colorbar velvet matte lipstick in Oh my Magenta :) It is little toned down and will suit dusky and dark skin too :)

 U can also tone the color down by applying the gloss as a stain using ur fingers ;) Works great with all bright shades :)

Colorbar Velvet Matte Oh My Magenta Lipstick Review and Swatches!

Colorbar Velvete Matte Rum Raisin lipstick Review and Swatches!


This is more of a fair-medium skin kind of shade.I am loving this color and finish.Eyeing the Pink Stain gloss next ;) Wish Colorbar brings n*dish and toned down shades into the range!


  1. this is indeed a glam shade....Nice review :)

  2. wow! what a sexy shade!! I'm so tempted to buy this!

  3. I love the True Gloss' formula! I find it stays put on my lips like forever!! Yea. whats with the weird scent with these colorarl ippies.. weird.. lovely color!!

  4. lol i meant colorbar.. btw there is a n*de shade in the true gloss collection..

  5. What a gorgeous colour!!! Even as a stain it looks fab!

  6. the color is gorgeous.. but i fall in the not-so-neon category :P

  7. Wowww Looks so bright and lovely shade...colorbar always comes with good shades like this....Nice Review Swethuuu :)

  8. such an awesome color...never thought lip gloss can be so pigmented

  9. o wow ! such an amazing color ! love it so much :D gr8 review :D
    xoxo <3

  10. oh my.. watta shade gal!!! :)

    my hands are itching for this now :D



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