Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Random Post of the Week ! Wink Wink ;)

Impulsive post :P Wat are u guys upto?? How is the week treating u?? I started d week with loads of shopping for clothes including a brand new track suit :D Weightloss is exhilarating na??

Excitement has come down considerably as I have more to go :\ And am bit confused nw. Figuring out will take time. Hopefully not too long. Otherwise the RED denims I have been lusting after for like 2 months will vanish off the shelves and haunt me forever!

On other events I have finished 3 of the books that I gt as a part of my book haul   :)

Liked only the James Patterson one. Stephanie Plum was def not to my liking.

Just started on The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi :)

So which book are u currently reading??


  1. red jeans!! i dint like them when i was thin and now I'm obsessed with them too!! and unfortunately i cant wear them!! weight weight go away and never come back again! :P

    Not reading any books currently except class 1 ES and Tamil books :P

    1. Haha happens :P Wish there was a magic wand for tat ;)
      Aww u r cute yar <3



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