Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happies New year To All of u Beauty Addicts!!

The year 2012 was not exactly great for me!Lots of relationship problems, Something big that I was expecting to happen did not occur,Recession, health problems and in the midst I purchased very less makeup! But I have learnt not to let people/situations get to me :) Learnt to let go off regrets and disappointments to lil extent :)
And I am hoping that this year will turn out bouncy and sunny :) Hope I get to work on my blog more with better product reviews :)

So here is My Makeup Thoughts wishing all u gals :

May everyone enjoy happiness and success in all of ur endeavors and buy more makeup :D ( with sephora in Delhi now, that is guaranteed ;) ) 


  1. Happy new year Raaga.:)
    have a successful and prosperous new year. wish the same for your family too.

  2. Happy New Year to u n ur family , wishing u the very best of the year

  3. A very happy new year Raaga..may this year be a great one for you or as you say bouncy and sunny



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