Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Favourite Youtube Gurus!

  • Gossmakeupartist : Wayne Goss is a fab makeup artist from UK. Someone once mentioned :"U r not a makeup artist!U r an encyclopedia!" and I agree totally.He is like the Shahrukh Khan of makeup :D The tips and tricks he dishes out nonchalantly is his prime USP! He looks gorgeous and the wink he does after d end of every video hits u in the heart ;) Some of  my fav tutorials :


  • Lisa Eldridge : Another makeup guru from UK.Her videos are HD and she provides excellent details on every aspect of makeup.She has worked with top models and magazines.She has her signature line in No.7 brand and is also associated with Chanel.Some of my favourite videos :

  • Panacea81: Her real name is Lauren luke.She has her signature line in Sephora and has released a book "Looks by Lauren Luke". She has been featured in a BBC Documentary and even has a video on Don't Cover It Up Campaign against domestic abuse.I like her because she is very down to earth and does a great job of celeb inspired tutes :)

  • Miss Jessica Harlow: She is fresh and confident.She is proud of her curves and I love her attitude.There is something about her that makes me watch her every time.I forgot to mention she is stylish and classy :) 

  •  Diamonds and heels: Her real name is Cassandra bankson.She is chirpy and does not put on any airs :) Her makeup videos are fab and she puts on several videos on dealing with acne.She has been featured on Good morning America and indulges in modelling too.

  •  Bubzbeauty : Oh gawd! how did I forget her??? :O She is my favorite after Lisa Eldridge :) Her voice is super calming and her tutes are simple :) She gives lots of advice on life and skincare! very sweet and cute :)

I have more favorites like Julieg,Makeupby eman,Dulcecandy but I got lazy so am not posting about them here :P

And How can we forget our desi guru Deeptima ?? ;)

 I don't know much about her but she is amazing :) Looks very pretty :)

And Suma :)

She is very sweet and crazy about makeup and TBS :) Hey eye makeup is seriously wow :) u can check out her blog : Isimplylovemakeup :)

And Bidisha :)

She is sexy :D and has beautiful eyes :) Does superb eye makeup :) Her blog : Glistening Kaleidoscope

Update: * I can't believe I forgot Makeupgeek  :O Makeupgeek is an inspiration for her amazin weight loss transformation plus she used to be a music teacher and she has own line of cosmetics MUG :) 

P.S: If the videos don't show up, U need adobe flash player :) 
Source: Youtube


  1. Nice post.:)
    I like Gossmakeupartist, Lisa and Bubz and yes Miss Jessica Harlow.
    Its great that you mentioned our very own Desi ones too, they are no less anyways.
    I like Geetima's eye makeup.

  2. Thank u Niesha :) Same pinch :) exactly they rock ;) U mean Deeptima?? Yea :)

  3. I love goss and lisa..bubzbeauty and michelle phan are other fav...I love xteener the most..jessica harlow is good..but sometimes the eye looks are not that good..and of course our very own deeptima :)

  4. I am nt much of Michell phan feel she is over hyped! But the other 3 are gr8 :) I like xteener too :)

  5. nice post dear i also follow Deeptima and Lisa :)
    i like michelle phan too

  6. I love Gossmakeupartist very much also lisa...
    Very nice post Swetha :)

  7. I love Lisa n Marleena's videos :)



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