Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Auravedic Skin Polish With Sandal and turmeric Review!

It is easy to overlook the benefits of scrub.I know very few of my friends actually know its use and ignore it yet ;)
So lemme me enlighten u!
For the uninitiated, our skin has tiny pores.When we r exposed to pollution, dirt and grime gets entrapped into the pores as well as excess oil if u have oily skin leading to clogged pores.While a facewash removes the dirt from the surface it is critical to go deeper and clear the clogged pores atleast once in a week.Otherwise it leads to dull skin,blackheads,whiteheads,acne and the list goes on.
                                  Better safe than sorry so grab a srub for ur skintype or make a DIY scrub with sugar and olive oil :)
The product am going to review is: Refer the title;)

This is what I found on their website:
With every Auravedic product, you are getting years of knowledge in nature and research, following the principles of Ayurveda.
We select each and every ingredient for their individual properties to create the best product for you.
Come experience 100% purity with Auravedic.

About the product:
It is touted as their best seller :)
It has red sandal,turmeric and jojoba beads as main ingredients.And most importantly it is Free of Parabens, SLS, and hamful chemicals !!

My say on the product:

  • The Scrub is in toned down brick red color.
  • Has a creamy texture.
  • U need to apply it,massage for a min or so and leave it on a for a few minutes.I usually lhave it on for 5 mins.
  • The scrub particles are not harsh and possess just the right amount of grittiness.
  • Since it has a creamy texture,it does not dry my skin out.
  • It has natural ingredients which is my favorite criteria for any skincare product :)
  • It brightens my skin and leaves it soft and smooth.I have a slight tan on my neck and after 3 uses it has reduced it considerably!
  • I have read that red sandalwood helps with uneven skin tone,anti aging and acne.Though I do not suffer from any of those as of now I have this feeling that the scrub will help those of u suffering from it.
  • Oily skin may find it slippery but it works on my sister's and mum's skin.They quite like it (that would be an understatement ;) ). 

It is definitely one of the best scrubs I have tried and would wholeheartedly recco to my readers and I am not saying this because it a PR sample :) No wonder it is a best seller.I am definitely going to try more products from this brand.

U can get their products from or healthkart,goodlife and jabong also house them :)

A Quick Tip: After scrubbing, apply a paste of oats,milk,almond oil,turmeric and lemon to ur face.Wash it off after 10 mins to get the most wonderful glow this winter ;) U can add rose oil to it for better hydration.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand for consideration.But my opinions are honest I swear to God :)


  1. hi dats a v nice review and I totally agree to it
    Indeed I just reviewed it today too :) :D

  2. NIce Review Swetha :) Even me using it currently n reviewed :)

  3. Oh u did??will check it out :) thanks :)



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