Saturday, 10 March 2012

I did a Facial at home !!My DIY Home Facial

The parlour facials are great but Home facials can be done at cheaper costs ;)
 I love trying out homemade recipes for skin and hair :) So am here with another DIY post :)

U will need :
  • Hairband-to keep ur hair away from face
  • Gentle facial cleanser-Cetaphil or neutrogena deep clean will do :)
  • Bowl
  • Warm water-lukewarm and not hot
  • Soft Towel
  • Steaming Hot water 
  • Exfoliating scrub-I used Aroma magic..u can use the St.Ives Apricot scrub too :)
  • Facial mask:U need 2 types of mask:pore cleansing mask and hydrating mask
  • Cucumber slices
  • Place to lie down and relax
  • Cold Water
  • Serum
  • Moisturiser-u can skip this if ur serum is moisturising enuf :)
  • Lemon
    So now for the steps:
    1. Tie ur hair and put a hairband to keep the hair away from ur face.
    2. Massage the facial cleanser on ur face in a circular motion over ur cheeks,chin and forehead.use a downward motion over ur nose.Use circular motion over ur neck.
    3. Now after a min wash it with lukewarm water.
    4. Pour hot water in the bowl and lean over the bowl with a towel covering u (Yea yea the steaming process ;) )
    5. Squeeze a few drops of lemon if u have oily skin or vit e oil if u have dry skin into the bowl for extra benefits.
    6. After steaming Use a blackhead clearing scrub..I used the AM Mineral glow scrub :) And so I scrubbed for 2 mins and left it on my face for 10 mins:) 
    7. Now wash ur face with Cold water.It helps to tone the skin!
    8. Its time for the mask...the best part :D First use a deep pore cleansing mask :Clay masks work the best or u can make ur own mask using a mixture of Multani mitti and honey.
    9. Wash it after 10-15 mins with lukewarm water
    10. Next apply the hydrating mask.I made one using Banana,Olive oil,vit e oil,milk cream and rose oil 
    11. Lie in a place,relax with cucumber slices over ur eyes and listen to ur fav music ;) Enrique anyone?? :D
    12. Wash it off in 7 mins with lukewarm water. 
    13. Now splash cold water.U will look radiant ;)
    14. Apply a serum.I used Lotus Micro emulsion!
    15. U can use a night cream alternatively :)
    Phew!!It is a long process but who doesn't love pampering especially after a strenuous week :D
    U can also bleach ur skin before using the face packs.The Fem Gold Bleach has got great reviews ;) But do a patch test before bleaching :)

    Hope u guys like my regime :) Take care and do leave ur sweet notes :)


    1. Wow.. Very informative post. Well written:)

    2. Awesome post-I guess the results would be just as good!!

    3. Hey! this is interesting ...i some time do it too and add essential oil in steaming :)

    4. Great post, its long but totally worth it!

    5. @Anu:Thanks :) Yeah I got compliments :D

    6. @Taps:yes my DIY posts r always long :P Do try it smtym :)

    7. Nice post.. Raga I am going to try this..

    8. Thank u Divine blush :D Tell me if u liked it :)

    9. wow shweta..this is very good :)

    10. nice shweta..i often do facial at home..way better than spending thousands on salon :P

    11. Exactly Sukanya :D I prefer dng at home :)

    12. nice post...even i do my own facial at home but i love it when i get it done by someone so that I relax a little more :).
      Nice blog out here :)

    13. Sounds great! Have to try this!

    14. great post, this is great to do once in 2-3 weeks to rejuvenate skin

    15. @Lavanya : Yeah tats ter :) So relaxing na??Thank u :D

    16. @Pooja:Yeah Dng every week is difficult :P

    17. nice and i just followed u pretty and am a beauty blogget too check out my blog

    18. i definitely love when someone does it for me... so i can just lie there enjoying the pampering...
      maybe i should start doing at home now *.*
      nice post...

    19. @Sadia: Thank u :) yea following u too :)

      @Sangy: Yeah it is an amazing feeing :D Thank u :)



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