Saturday, 24 March 2012

Skin/Hair Care Tip Of The Week #2:Watermelon and Oats for skin

How did ur week go guys??Mine was pretty hectic..!
So onto the second post of the Skin/Hair care feature I am going to share a riveting recipe for pinkish glow that I came across recently over the web :)
  • ·         Watermelon Mask:

Take a little of the watermelon juice and mix it with Almond paste. U can make almond paste by soaking it overnight in milk and grinding it to a paste in the morn :)Apply the almond-watermelon paste and wash it after 10 minutes. It will give u a pinkish complexion due to the presence of Lycopene :)

  • ·         Oatmeal to the rescue :

Apply a mask of oatmeal and milk on wet face and neck every day. U can use the mask as a scrub too :) It evens out the skin tone and reduces pigmentation and blemishes :)

That’s all for this week! Next week I will provide tips for hair care ;)


  1. I am going to try both! thnkx 4 it!

  2. i've heard sooo much about oats and milk, im definitely trying this next! love these posts! xx

  3. thank u Emma :D U made my day :)

  4. oats do miracles..i use oats as a cleanser n its amazing...i wrote a post on my blog abt that...



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