Thursday, 22 March 2012

Blisscovered March Edition!!My 100th post!!

Finally!!I got my first Blisscovered box!!!Yay! But I am kinda disappinted with the contents! :( Read on to know why!

 I read Erica's review of this edition on WiseShe and felt sad about the contents.After receiving it myself I feel worse :|
First I do not need the makeup remover..wanted the eye pencil from Chambor.
And y did they send me the Lancome wala youth concentrate!
And the coupon is valid only till march 27th as u can c!!I mean its not like I am going to like a product just by looking at it and order it as it is 22nd march already!
And then They did not send me the product description list!!WTH!!

But onto the pros:
The packaging is so charming :D  Loved the purple ribbon :D
I loved the CK SHOCK perfume <3 <3 I expected it to be on the face kind of fragrance but it turned out to be my kind of perfume...just rightly strong ...not mild to go undetected and not strong to hit u on the face.The fragrance is totally feminine and reminds me of vanilla syrup :P Initially It was floral to my nose then it turned out better :) Even as I  write type this I have smelled it like 20 times.not that I am counting ;)
I am giving the Youth Concentrate to mum :)
I always wanted to try stuff from Forest Essentials and now I get to tey their neem and saffron face wash :D
I haven't smelled the H2O body butter yet.

Will try out the stuff and review them soon :)

P.S: This is my 100th Post :D So Yaaaaaaaayyyy for that :D



  1. i got the makeup remover last month.. really disappointed with the boxx

  2. Youth concentrate for you?? What were they thinking?? They have damaged their name all by themselves :x

  3. Hey Congrats for the 100th post (: .... I got the trio and being in late twenties concentrate would work for me ... but why do they ask to fill the beauty profile if thats not going to be considered ?? Its sad

  4. Hey!! You got the EXACT same things I received today and I have to agree with you....totally disappointed.Youth serum jeez !Im only 26! and no make up item. I thought it was supposed to personalised?the only personalised item I saw was my name on the box! no description of goods here either.
    I am going to remind them that if this continues they are gonna lose subscribers to glossybox.They need to add more brands.way too few brands for a good selection.All in all, not happy.

  5. Congrats on the 100th post!!! It's too bad about the blisscovered though, wish they gave more makeup products.

  6. @ Deepika: Ohh Blisscovered has ruined its name..I am sure their subscribers will becum less!

  7. @Indu:Exactly :@ I was super irritated d moment my eyes fell on this!

  8. @Shalini:Thank u :D I wish I too had got d trio :| Yeah..kyun????? :@

  9. @Anna:I am younger :| yah they could have given me a makeup item instead of the remover!Same here.disappointed!!

  10. @Poohkie: Thanks yar :D yeah hope they read this ;)



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