Saturday, 3 March 2012

My No Makeup Makeup Look!!

I have watched the Lisa Eldridge video on the  "No makeup makeup",Bubzbeauty's natural looking makeup and others many times over!!
So I thot Y not try this and I did it yesterday :D yay!!

So onto the products that I used for the look :)

  1. Cleansed my face with Cetaphil lotion
  2. Olay natural white moisturiser over my face and neck.
  3. Mixed Neutrogena sunscreen with Maybelline BB cream.
  4. Applied Faces eye pencil in Black under the upper lash line(below the lashes).It makes the lashes look thicker without being obvious as the experts say ;)
  5. Smudged a lil bit of the liner in the lower lash line just at the corners!
  6. Curled my lashes with H & G lash curler.
  7. I tend to turn light to deep pink depending on the situation :P :P But the scenario for deep blushing was out of question yday :P So I wore the Colorbar Cosmic Rose - 2 to 3 swipes blended from my cheeks to the temple.
  8. I then used Covergirl Lipstick in Powerpink to highlight my cheekbones and under the brow bone!It works perfectly for me as it has the right amount of shimmer and pink shade to bend with my skintone :D
  9. Then i applied Maybelline smooth and care Lipbalm in strawberry.
  10. Powdered with a light hand under my eyes only as I have dry skin.And am set!!
I liked the results :D :P Enhanced version of my face without obvious makeup :P

Here is Lisa Eldridge's video:

So pretty ladies!!what is ur version of the No Makeup makeup look??Do share ;)

P.S:I am going to try the "Kurbaan" version of Kareena's makeup albeit the eyeshadows today.I know am late but it has caught my fancy only now :P
Will try to post the pics after am done :D


  1. nice post
    no makeup makeup look is perfect for everyday , I believe :)

  2. nice post!!! please post the FOTD too :) :)

  3. u should have shared some pics ragaa

  4. whr r the pics? :)

    btw ive tagged u in my blog post.. chk it out..

  5. Hi Raaga, you have been tagged into a FUN POST. Check it out here (

  6. Why not pic of your FOTD??? I too tried one sometime back!
    Here's my No Makeup look:



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