Saturday, 17 March 2012

Aroma Magic Oxy Pack review!


 Face Packs are more of a necessity than a luxury to me as my skin tends to look dull and lifeless! My first product from Aroma Magic was the Almond lotion which is my HG for the winters :) I also use the under eye gel, under cream and essential oil from the brand. They are all good! It’s been a long tym since I bought a face mask since most of them have been duds :( sob sob but after reading the reviews of the AM mineral glow pack I wanted to try it but it was unavailable in the stores. I tried it order it online but it wasn’t available ter too.So instead I got this Oxy Pack and am reaching for it nearly everyday :D

It is a gel based mask that has a slight medicinal smell that dies once u apply on the face. The gel is transparent so u r saved from people around u calling “booth” “green/blue ghost” “chudail” etc etc  ;) Since it is gel it dries within 2 mins and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.U can wear the mask and not worry about transferring it anywhere.
It is given in the instructions that u need to wash it after 20 mins.

  • ·         Transparent gel that dries fast.
  • ·         Doesn’t dry out my skin. Even after washing it I can wait for 10-15 mins for applying moisturiser.
  • ·         Brightens the skin but mind u the effect lasts for only a few hours.
  • ·         It is mentioned in the pack that it oxygenates the skin to keep skin cells flexible and regenerated. I am not sure about the flexible and regenerated part but it sure helps my skin get a boost and rejuvenates it :)
  • ·         Costs 215/- for 50 g and little goes a long way so It is going to last me for a gud measure of time!
  • ·         The container is sturdy.
  • ·         I need to dip my fingers. Totally unhygienic.
  • ·         I don’t think it is going to lighten the skin tone as the company claims maybe just a temporary brightening effect.
  • ·         It is not exactly a hydrating mask but still it will suit all skin types ;)
  • I like this mask and use it more than often!

4.25 out of 5


If u want instant glow and skin rejuvenation can try this :)


  1. I really wanted to buy it, but I find it pricy for the quantity!

  2. @ Indu :Yeah get it u will like :)

  3. @Taps:Only a lil amt is required yar :) It will last long :)



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