Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Summer Makeup Products Version 2013!

Summer is kinda here and for those of you lemming for some brights I have compiled some lipstick and blush colors that U might wanna check out next time u r at the counters ;)

Now for the lipsticks:

 The lipsticks:

  1. Colorbar obsessed Orange : yellowish orange lip color. Reviewed here
  2. Inglot no. 37 : Reddish orange lip color. Reviewed here.
  3. Avon mango mania : Brown based orange.
  4. Revlon Colorburst Peach : Orangy peach for fair skin. Reviewed here
  5. Oriflame Coral Rose : Dupe of Revlon Peach ;) But less pigmented.more like a peach lip balm :)
  6. Bourjois Levres Contour in Peche Voluptueuse : Medium peach shade. Though it looks pink in the swatch it is not. Reviewed here.
  7. Lotus pure Color in Carnation: Coral-red-pink combination.Face brightener any day ;) Reviewed here
  8. Avon Coral Pink : Pink Based Coral shade.
  9. Inglot No.73: Orange based coral. Reviewed here

The blushes :

10. Faces Burnt Sienna : Orangy peach color. Reviewed here
11. MUA blusher in Shade 5: Lighter peach with gold shimmers. Reviewed here
12. MUA blusher in shade 4 : Peachy pink with peach being the dominant color. Reviewed here
13. Faces Minerals Amber Rose : Honey colored with golden shimmers. Reviewed here
14. Amway Attitude Natural haze : Bronze gold color. Reviewed here.
15. Inglot No. 32 :  Coral pink with silver shimmers. Reviewed here.
16. Lakme Day Blusher : Not fair to include but just in case. A coral peach pink combination! Reviewed here

I know my blush kit does not include more oranges/peaches. I need to check into Pink Blush rehab :P

So did u enjoy my post??  Share ur views in the comments :) Any Blush/Lipstick recommendation u wanna make??



  1. Orange/coral blushers are my pick this summer! But the lakme day Blush will break my so called vow i guess :P lovely swatches! :D

    1. haha :P I own only 3 or 4 corals :P And no orange!!

  2. Wow I love the swatches <3
    Definitely want to buy some of these :)

  3. Coral is my pick...always...Lovely stuffs and post I loved the swatches very much dear....

    1. Thanks Rads <3 I ought to get more coral and orange! Deepika's love rubbed on me :P

  4. lovely darling :) ... coral blushes are my favourite , n i think u know that :P

    1. haha I do Shweta :D I need Coral in my lyf :P

  5. Wow,...gorgeous shades! Lovely post Raaga....:-)

  6. great selection, love the swatches :)

  7. nice collection... I loved Bourjois Levres Contour

  8. Great suggestions! Although unfortunately it's still very much winter here in England!

    Sita xx

  9. very nice collection Raaga.:)
    I think we do have a very similar taste when it comes to lip color shades and blush colors.:)
    all are fab!!

  10. Loved all your blushes.....:) blushin..



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