Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Skincare: Vedic Line+ SensiTone Face Wash for Sensitive Skin Review!

I have a thing for blue.Midnight blue and purple to be exact! I eat blue jellies even if they don't taste good ;)

  • The face wash comes in a beautiful blue packaging.The cap shuts tight. 
  • Totally travel friendly and hygienic. 
  • The liquid is transparent with a runny texture.
  • Foams easily.
  • It has a refreshing smell that helps me wake my sleepy nerves ;)
  • This face wash will work better on normal and oily skin as it slightly dries out my dry skin.
  • I need to apply moisturizer within 5-10 minutes to avoid the stretchy feeling.

  • Paraben free and not tested on animals 
  • Did not irritate my skin and provided a cooling effect which is gng to be more than welcome in the summers !
  • Priced at Rs.150/- for 100 ml. Quite reasonable and these are mostly on discounts on Healthkart.com.


A decent paraben free face wash that does its job well without boasting of tall claims ;)  Normal and oily skin will like it :)

Product sent by brand for review purpose.My opinions are honest as always swear to God ;)


  1. hmm i have dry skin :(
    i shud try vedic line products too
    thanks fr d honst review

    A giveaway is going on: if interested plz chk out dear


  2. Nice Review Dear...I like paraben free products :)



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