Friday, 22 February 2013

Blush Lust: MUA Powder Blusher in Shade 4 Review and Swatches!

I know u guys must be bored of all the Pink Blush posts happening on my blog. But I am here to make u aware of the pros and cons of makeup products right ;) So I got to do this :)  Plus I am a believer of  " A gal can have never makeup,clothes,shoes.." well u get d drift!

  • MUA blusher in shade 4 has the ditto packaging of the other 1 pound powder blushers.Cute and tiny but fragile. Try not to drop it!!
  • The shade 4 is a peachy pink blush with the peach tone being more prominent.
  • U can consider it a summery everyday wear blush ;)

  • It consists of extremely subtle shimmers which are hardly visible but lend a slight highlighting effect.
  • The texture is powdery but the fallout is lesser compared to the shade 5.
  • The finish is satin due to the presence of the shimmers.

  • Pigmentation wise it is less pigmented than shade 5. I would give it 2 out of 5 ;) 
  • Priced at 1 pound/85 bucks a piece these stand for a good deal.
  • Personally I feel this would fair,medium and dusky skin due to the prominence of peach :) 
  • Lasting power was between 3-4 hours.


For 1 pound these blushers are worth a place in ur vanity! And the pigmentation level is just right for beginners to work with :)   I recommend u own atleast 1 of these! I wanted d shade 2 (which is a pink :P ) but it was unavailable during ordering. Will try getting my hands on it ;)          

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  1. Hey I got this too...I love this Dear Nice Review :D



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