Thursday, 7 February 2013

Maybelline Goodies to be won!! Contest tym on MMT!

It is giveaway tym on My Makeup Thoughts! And the contest will last only a day :) The contest ends by 20:00 tomorrow ( 08-Feb-2013 )

All u need to do is come with a wacky answer to the question posted below ;) 

Maybelline New York asked girl's to share what was on their mind.
Be it weekends, flings, kisses, boyfriends or their shopping funds, the hottest topic on the Maybelline New York Girl's mind is “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH” 
Girls, do you feel the same way? Tell us what you wish lasted longer!

Post ur whimsical comments below :) U can come up with several *odd* thoughts no limits ;) Just post them as they pop into ur Barney heads ;) 

Before u take the plunge, some rules:
  • Follow My Makeup Thoughts on GFC.
  • Like My Makeup Thoughts and Maybelline India on Facebook :)
U can also take part through Twitter by using the hashtag  #doesntlastlongenough and tweet to @Maybellineindia on Friday (tomorrow) morning after I inform u of the twitter contest kickoff :)

The one with the wackiest answer will get a goodie from Maybelline ;)

Jump on :) Can't wait to read ur quirks :D 


  1. i wish my shopping money lasts forever...

  2. I Wish My Makeup will long lost for the whole day atleast without making my skin Oily :)

  3. love isn't lasting long enough these days...

    one moment i m cootchie-cooing & all-happy with mr.hubby & next moment we hv a "clash of the titans"...

    wish we stayed in the tranquility of love forever! :)

  4. Chocolate Muffin I eat on my Cheat Diet Days don't lasts long enough :)

  5. I wish my waxed hands & legs, and threaded eyebrows and upper lips lasted longer.
    GFC: Maneeta
    Facebook: Maneeta Bhansali

  6. I wish my BB's battery lasted longer

  7. I wish my new year's resolutions lasted longer

  8. I wish the mathematics formulaes in my memory cells lasted longer, and helped me pass Math paper with decent grades, and not a C in it. :(

  9. I wish Bradley Cooper's screen time is every movie lasted longer. Show me two (or happily more) hours of just him, and I'll not complain about the ticket cost!

  10. I wish my baby stays as a baby for some more time. her baby-hood and childhood does not last long.

  11. I wish good sitcoms stay longer! The moment I start watching something regularly kaput! the news that they are filming the last season reaches me like I AM supposed to know it! Curses! Why can't FRIENDS and How I Met your Mother have 30-40 seasons?? :P

    1. Followed My makeup and Random Thoughts on GFC as Divassence!
      FB Name: Deepika Mohan

  12. 1. Become a Broadway and movie star (because I love acting and I think that would be the best career ever.) 2. Get lots of money(so that I could have a bigger house, more clothes, and be able to #3) 3. Give everyone in the world food, clothes, and a home with heat and electricity.



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