Friday, 22 February 2013

My quick 5 minute face routine!

I never have more than 5 minutes (sometimes even less) to do my face most *read all* of the time. Well blame that on my inborn talents of procrastination and laziness ;)
And this is how i make the most of the 5 minutes :P

Just listing down the products I normally use for normal days and casual outings :)

For my skincare :

  • Moisturize using Lotus Alphamoist/AM Almond lotion.
  • Next, I apply Am under eye gel to keep my dark circles under control.I also use Itone to keep my eyes clear :)
  • Finish with lip balm to prep my dry lips for the lipstick :)

1.Lotus Alphamoist Moisturizer : Reviewed here.
2.Aroma Magic Under Eyegel : One of the best products from Aroma Magic! I have been making repurchases of this tube since 2 years.
3.Maybelline baby lips Lipbalm : Not exactly baby lips but it is the only colorless one I own apart from Lipice lemon.
4.Garnier BB cream: I can't stand foundations. So I like using this one :) Reviewed here.

For makeup:

  • Apply garnier BB cream after the Lotus one soaks in.
  • Apply Mascara the Lakme eyeconic one is awsum ;)
  • Apply the Bourjois Khol and Contour eyepencil in Brun Design.It is a blackened brown shade.Gives a proper definition without being harsh :)
  • Brush a reddish pink/coral pink blush over my cheekbones ( from the high points of my cheeks towards the temples). mMkes my face look less chubby ;)
  • Depending on my mood/occasion I either use a basic pinkish brown lipstick or a brighter shade and blot it down with a tissue :) 

  1. Lakme eyeconic mascara
  2. Bourjois khol and contour pencil in Brun Design : Reviewed here.
  3. Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Rosy Nude : Reviewed here.
  4. Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in Coral Pink: Reviewed here. It is touted to be a dupe of MAC Crosswires Lipstick ;) 
  5. Maybelline watershine lipgloss in beige sensation : Reviewed here.
  6. Inglot no.58 blush : Reviewed here.


  1. Hey nice post dear... I want to see you with full make up tomm ;)

    1. Haha :P I seriously dbt it :P

    2. even i want to see u with ur makeup on :-)...ur stuff is interesting...curious to see the end result :-)

  2. wow.. so much in 5 minutes.. i also follow almost the same.. but take easily 15-20 mins :D

    1. Hey it just takes 5 mins Revathy :) I can't afford more than tat :) U try timing ur face routine for a few days u will get used to dng all these in 5 mins ;)

  3. nice post ! The makeup stuffs look pretty :) AM eye gel is kind of a gamble product i feel.. glad it works wonderfully for you :)

    1. Haha :P They sure do! Yea I have heard this didnt wrk for sum!

  4. u sound like a normal person to me... hahaha... even myself too lazy to apply make up in the morning... very nice and fun post :)

    1. Haha I take tat as a compliment Natasha :D Who isn't?? ;) Thanks a lot babe :)

  5. i love using bb creams too...nice post

  6. Great post... Revlon rosy nude shade I loved...Garnier BB cream doesnt break out?



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