Friday, 1 February 2013

Fitter Me : Tips on Workout! Important things u need to follow if u r thinking of losing weight :)

I just wanted to list some dos and dont's that might be useful for you guys if u r planning to workout for fitness/weightloss :)

  • If u r someone new to exercise or heavier please do not jump straight into hard moves.Start with simple moves with low intensity that do not put too much pressure on your joints. Otherwise it might give u knee cap injuries or ligament tears to say the least.
  • Go slow and build pace and intensity as u proceed.It will help ur body to combat injuries :)
  • Warm ups and Cool downs are an important and integrated part of ur workouts. NEVER SKIP them! They heat up ur body to prevent injuries during the actual workout.Warm ups can include set of yogic movements/stretching moves/walking or jogging at moderate pace.U can have the same set of movements for both warm up and cool down.
  • PUSH YOURSELF but know ur boundaries.Senselessly bending ur body beyond your flexibility threshold can bring on unwanted injuries. U can stretch ur tolerance limits linearly but not exponentially.Ur body is not a machine.
  • If u lack motivation, find something to motivate u,set a goal and tell others about it.If u tell others u will be answerable to someone other than urself .Also putting up a prize at the end of the goal is a great motivation factor. Like I had mentioned I wanna wear red denims. Every time I feel like slacking off the red denim flashes thru my mind and I get to work ;)
  • Drink WATER. Loads of it.More than ur normal intake.U need to combat the loss of water thru sweat.Better mix electral with ur water and sip it thru ur workouts :) Helps replenish the lost nutrients.
  • Take BREAKS. Seriously.It is necessary for our body to repair itself between workouts. If u really have tight deadlines u can exercise max 5 days a week. Not more than that. Otherwise 3/4 days a week will suffice.
  • I used to workout morn and even each 1 hr everyday. Honestly, I dreaded getting up in the morn all those times.Now, I have chalked out a simpler and easier routine though it is too early to talk about it.
  • I like working out early in the morning on an empty stomach.Otherwise I end up puking all the food/leaving the workout halfway.In the mornings I feel more energetic and charged up for a workout. Never WORKOUT on a full stomach! Give at least 2 hours gap btw ur food intake and exercise.
  • DO NOT WEIGH yourself everyday. Once a week is enough! Even then, if the scales are not in your favor do not get disheartened. It is possible to lose inches without losing pounds especially with strength training. 
  • Consistency is another key factor. I know u can get easily bored with the same exercise set everyday. But u need to stick to a specific regime for a month or 2 to actually see the results. After that it is time to change cuz u do not want ur body to get used to the workout.It will stop giving results.
  • Soreness occurs cuz ur muscles get torn during workout. Wait! that is no reason for alarm! Ur body is perfectly capable of repairing the muscles :) Do not workout when u r really sore. Little amount of soreness is okay. After some days the soreness will vanish.But I repeat do not workout when u r very sore.
  • If possible get someone to workout with you. U will stay motivated in a competitive environment.
  • Reward yourself every time u lose considerable number of pounds/inches.But not with food. Lipsticks,blushes,eyeliners,shadows,new clothes whatever tickles ur fancy ;) Helps u stick to the goal :)
  • Take a bath after sweating subsides. Helps avoid skin infections and acne :)
  • Fitness is achieved from exercise and DIET. So avoid junk food, oily stuff and carbohydrates. Eat nutrient rich food. Include lots of vegetables and fruits in ur diet.
  • Do not skip meals. And def not ur breakfast! Break ur food intake to at least 5 portions. Try eating every 2 hours. Increases ur metabolism rate :) If u skip ur meals u will end up gorging on junk stuff afterwards. (courtesy Deepika from Divassence ) 
  • Always keep fruits and other healthy snacks handy. I recommend Tropicana 100% juice,khakra,cheese,paneer,dates,nuts and makhana. U won't end up stuffinf urself on Lays and Kurkure ;) 
I have covered most of the topics but if u have any queries u can post them in the comments :) 

 I am not from the Medical Field and I do not claim to know everything about weight loss and workouts. The tips I have listed down are from my own experiences and solely for informational purpose. 

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Take care and stay gorgeous :)


  1. I totally agree with all the above tips you've written. You know what, i haven't eaten anything in the past three days due to horrible mouth ulcers and looks like i look wee thinner but very weak. So I would also say skipping food isn't an option. If you want to lose weight work out. But don't skip your food and make sure it is healthy. Just my opinion :) :)

    1. Exactly! Do not skip food. I will add another point to the post Thanks :)

    2. And hope ur mouth ulcers are cured :) U can try applying "ZYTEE" on the ulcers thrice a day :)

  2. nice post. im planning to start working out soon;)



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