Friday, 8 February 2013

What is in my Handbag tag!

Aditi from Budget belleza had tagged me to do this post sometime back and since I did not blog for a few days this is lil late ;) No surprise there :P

I don't carry makeup around when on errands/serious work.So let the pictures do the talking ;)

This is my huge bag :P I keep changing my handbags but this is current fav :)

What do I carry??

yeah tools cuz I am a part time mechanic along with being a blogger ;)

Haha just kidding ;) the actual stuff : (ntn fancy)

The green color is my cloth bag :) and no the ther cloth is not my dirt cloth :P It is my stole.Chennai is hot most of the time and I need my stole. It is a pretty azure shade but looks dirty in d pictures :O

I carry these 2 along with

  • Sun glasses - Chennai summer must have ;)
  • Hand Sanitizer - Lifebuoy one. I can't go anywhere without this. I am germophobic :P
  • Vedic line fig and honey moisturizer ( Reviewed here)  - Works for my skin type. Can use as hand cream too :)
  • Neutrogena sunscreen - Another must have in all seasons :)
  • Maybelline tinted lip balm - Gives a hint of color to my lips with good moisturization. This is my staple.Being using in various variants since they were launched :)
  • Kara wipes - Sweating like pig is too common here. Helps to refresh my face :)
  • Ipod shuffle - Music and I cannot live apart :P
  • My yellow purse - It is super soft and bright :)
  • Pen and notepad - U never know when a epiphany is gonna hit u and u need to jot it down ;) 
I also tend to carry a beige/neutral gloss and brown eye pencil sometimes :)

So what is in ur handbag?? I am not gonna tag I am too lazy for tat ;) Share it thru posts and leave ur links here or tell me thru comments :)


  1. Ahaaa cool post I love the stuffs you are carrying with you in your handbag....

    1. Haha do a similar post Radha :) I wuld love to knw wat u carry ;)

  2. Great..:)
    I also carry kara wipes and hand sanitizer is a must.:)

  3. ahahaha.. tools!! But yea arent' the makeup stuff in our bag tools too? ;)

    1. Hehe :P True bt there aren't many in my bag :\ wat do u have in ur bag??

  4. lol.. the mechanic thing was hilarious :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I had a good laugh at the mechanic thing.. lol
    Along other tid bits, hand sanitizer is my must-have. We are germophobic sisters here. :)

  7. For a minute I actually thought you carried the tools! :D
    I carry a lot of stuff coz I'm always worrying about things that might happen so I carry everything :D

  8. This is a fun post. I'll do it soon and send you the link. But i always have tons of stuff in my handbag!

  9. Nice one :) Interesting to read too :D



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