Monday, 24 June 2013

Lotus Pure Stay Blusher in Rose Kiss Review and Swatches!

When Lotus launched the Pure Stay range the blushes were the only things that caught my attention.Rice powder for blush?? And oooo the pretty packaging. 

Now that I have been testing it out for some time now I have drawn some concrete conclusions over the blush!

The blusher comes in a heavy glass like box wrapped inside a satin pouch that gives a luxurious feel to the whole packaging :)

But on the flip side the case is not travel friendly. I would rather carry 2 more tees ;)

The blush case has a big mirror and a brush. The brush is soft and can be substituted for a blush brush in case of emergencies or when u r too lazy to scour for ur brush ;)

The blush has a rivulet kinda pattern over it which is uncommon in desi brands.


 The shade is a warm peachy rose with obvious golden shimmers. I would not call it peachy pink as pink is a more intense color. The blush lends a warm flush. One of the most natural kinda blushes I have tried albeit the shimmers. 

The shimmers are finely milled and non gritty but do tend to accentuate the pores.I do not have big open pores. Still I wish the shimmers were present in lesser degree. 

Under Direct Sunlight

The blush has a powdery soft texture and lots of fall out. But as it does not have lots of chemicals I can compromise with the fall out.

The pigmentation is medium. On my fair-medium skin a single swipe gives a rosy flush with a lil glow. With another swipe the color does not intensify but the shimmers do. It is like my skin drinks up the color. On dusky skin this will show up beautifully :)  

The staying power is between 4-5 hours on my dry skin after which faded considerably.

The Pure Stay range products are 100% vegetarian and Preservative free. That is one of the critical reasons I wanted to try these blushers.

The pricing could have been better as not everyone is blush crazy as some of us are and would not be willing to cough up 600 bucks for a drugstore brand.


The glosses are the star kids of the Pure Stay range. I like this blush but not in love with it. The pros of the blush : the warm flush and being preservative free along with the pretty packaging.



  1. this is such a nice shade....

  2. It is a pretty shade :-) I just wish it didnt have shimmers. Otherwise would have been my hg blush

  3. Lovely shade!! But you always go for these kind of shades :P maybe I should take away some from you :P



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