Thursday, 18 April 2013

Skincare: Himalaya gentle Exfoliating facewash Review!

I always carry face wash and moisturiser with me (along with blush and gloss)! So I get a chance to try facewashes from a variety of brands as I cannot carry Cetaphil with me everywhere.

On such a lookout I came across this exfoliating variant from Himalaya.I have always liked Himalaya as a brand so I grabbed this without second thoughts :)

  • The face wash comes in a squeeze friendly as the cap is sturdy.
  • It is priced reasonably at some 60 odd bucks for 50ml.
  • Has a soothing herbal smell.The one that gives me nostalgia as I used the neem face wash in school days :)


  • It is a transparent liquid with orange/red color micro beads.The beads are super super tiny and not at all harsh.The scrubbing power is okayish. IMO it can be used everyday.
  • The liquid lathers very well. I use a little amount for my face and neck unlike the lotus face washes that need oodles of liquid to lather.

  • Leaves skin feeling fresh and does not dry out my skin.But I cannot skip moisturizer with this. I did not feel dryness for like mayb 10 minutes. 
  • I did the Cetaphil test and there were very slight traces of dirt on the cotton ball. I am totally liking this facewash :)
  • My sister who has combination oily skin really loves the face wash as it does not make her skin oily. 

It is one of the good face washes available for a reasonable price that would not dry out the skin. If u are looking for a travel friendly face wash that would do its job well then I would def recommend it :)


  1. this is a good scrub.... I like colored granules in it.. they look so cute

  2. Seems like a good face wash. Must try it out.

  3. I like Himalaya products :) nice post ..



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