Sunday, 28 April 2013

Do not stare at my lips!! Lotus Pure stay Lip Gloss in Pink Hypnotic Review and swatches!

If u wanna make ur ex(s) regret leaving u or make that handsome dude give u the life restorative glance I got just the right tool err wand for u! The lip gloss wand ;) A wand dipped in a bottle of 8ml pure prettiness :)

When I wore this gloss post lunch my friends could not stop staring at my lips :P And d compliments galore! 

Lotus Pure Stay range is an awesome initiative by a Desi brand where the cosmetics are mostly manufactured using natural ingredients and are 100% vegetarian.

The lip glosses surely do pack a punch :)

I got it in Pink Hypnotic and well am more than pleased :)

The gloss comes in a long rectangular see through tube.Sturdy and travel friendly.I totally adore the packaging as it is sleek. But it is a bit heavy too.
Is priced at Rs.395 for 8ml gloss. Might seem expensive but Revlon and Colorbar provide only 3.9 ml and 3.8ml resp for 500 bucks. So the pricing is good for the quantity.
The color is as mentioned hypnotic ;) A stunning melange of red and pink with hints of coral in it. During the day it looks innocently coral pink but at night gives a sexy reddish pink pout.

Has lots of shimmer in it that do not look tacky but add to the sheen of the gloss.
The applicator is spongy and helps disperse the gloss evenly.
The gloss has a sticky texture. The kind which attracts ur hair to ur lips.I personally found it a bit annoying.
Stayed for 2 hours without food and drinks on my lips. With light snacks it left behind a pinkish stain that stayed for another 1/2 an hr. 

The shimmers do disperse to sum degree(check d swatches) but do not stay back for longer time as grit ur lips. They vanish with the gloss. 
I am so liking this range that I am gonna pick up Peachy pink and an orange one :)


 Gloss lovers shouldn't miss this range especially the color.It is an attention seeker and great for meet ups and night outs. But if ur office does not have strict makeup policies then go gurl!



  1. aww i totally agree..that this colour is the epitome of cuteness :) I have it and i love it :)

  2. am picking it up..! :D nice review..

    1. Tell me how u like it :) Thank u Raji :)

  3. another pink!! :P but the color looks gorgeous.. :D

    1. Yup bt a coral pink na :P so doesnt count :P Lets c who gets d violet blush from Archies :P

  4. such a lovely color...its a very different kind of pink

    1. Hain na?? Totally spell bound by d color!

  5. Replies
    1. Yea :) And very flattering :)

  6. Replies
    1. Have u tried any shade from d range?? :)



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