Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Garlics and Onions:Skin and Haircare Tips of the Week #5

I am smelling all garlics and onions as I am typing this!Not a pretty sight eh?? Well Let me tell you the reason I don't mind being smelly for sometime :)


My skin always behaves weirdly when there is some important occasion to attend.And since I have to attend my cousin and my friend's wedding I have got breakouts all over my face!And that they are red and are replaced by marks as they vanish.So I am into the garlic treatment for my skin.Applying garlic juice over the acne is helping a lot as the marks are less visible and the pimple size is getting reduced.
Y garlic??Garlic is an excellent antibacterial condiment.It kills the bacteria present in the pimple area and hence heals the acne faster.
U can experiment with it.Add honey with garlic to reduce pimples and get a glow.Or add a pinch of turmeric for extra fast healing ;) Sky is the limit!


No I am not trying to hypnotize u gals! The rings luk beautiful na?? Now Onion is another antibacterial agent which can be used to cure Patchy baldness.
It kills the bacteria that are stopping ur follicles from growing new hair sprouts.New hair grows in the place of old hair as all hairs have lifetime.But if the bacteria infests a particular perimeter of ur scalp then the new hair doesn't grow.And the result:Baldness over that area.
All u need to do is take some fresh onion(preferably the tiny ones as they are stronger) and grind them to a paste.Apply it over the area that has been affected.Do this every other day and soon u will have a lush growth there ;) 
But People prone to sinusitis be aware that onions can cause cold!
Alternatively u can tone down the pungent smell by mixing it with honey :) Also u can apply it all over the scalp for thicker hair. 

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