Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lipstick Love: Colorbar Velvet Matte:Rum Raisin Review and Swatches!

After hearing everyone rave about the Colorbar Velvet matte lipsticks and tat too the shade Obsessed Orange I went to SS only to get disappointed they had only 4 or 5!Went scouring to H&G where they had some 15 shades but not the orangy one :( :( Then I thot I had to have a orange lipstick so asked them about Maybelline Bronzy bad the counter was empty!I went to NH and didn't find Bronzy Orange there too..sigh!!I wanted to get Faces..They have a beautiful warm orange shade but I also wanted to get a fuchsia shade :P Now I was literally in tears..sob sob but didn't want to give up so went back and asked about Lipice lipbalms..they didn't have the color changing ones !! It was too much to bear but still I went ahead got Oh My Magenta.I swatched other lippies too..they were inviting but I got this particular Rum Raisin since I do not own any dark shades it caught my fancy and I brought the baby home :) Suma had suggested to try hot hot hot on lipstick reco long bak but when I swatched the shade I balked :\ But it is definitely a gorgeous red :)

PRICE: 250/- but on Stylecraze u can get it for 225/-

Single swipe:so intense!

PACKAGING: The first lipstick which I bought was from Colorbar and It was in a square tube.And now they come in silver cylindrical tubes.The packaging is pretty sturdy and the cap clicks shut satisfactorily..u need not worry about broken lipsticks with this one.The bottom of the tube has a paint/lipstick that lets us know the exact shade of the lipstick.And it looks classy too ;)
COLOR AND TEXTURE: The shade Rum Raisin is a deep maroon shade with little plum and is a versatile color that will suit fair and dusky skin tones alike.It is a pretty intense color to be worn in daytime and will be perfect for functions.It glides over the lips smoothly but def nt creamy.U can't expect that from a matte lipstick I guess ;) Does tend to settle into fine lines after sometime.U def need a high power lipbalm like Lotus cocoa under this if u have dry lips like mine.It smells like agarbatthi to me.

PIGMENTATION: It is highly pigmented.U need only a single swipe to cover the discolorations of lips.As I already mentioned, it is an intense color.And does not contain any shimmers.I hate shimmers or frostiness in lipsticks(except Revlon peach).

LASTING POWER: This particular attribute disappointed me a lot.Usually lipsticks tend to last on my lips on a n avg of 3 hrs.I read reviews of this range that it lasts easily for 6 hrs.But this shade lasted on me only for 3 hrs :( Other lippies are atleast creamy.After 3 hours it leaves a pinkish tint that I am liking.I tried Oh My Magenta.Wore it in the morning and it lasted me for nearly 6 hrs!

  • Deep marron shade that is flattering on most skin tones.
  • Sturdy and classy packaging
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Awesome range for shade selection
  • Lasting power is great for other shades.
  • The previous lipsticks were creamier.
  • Lasting power is okayish for this particular shade.
  • Strong incense smell which lasts as long as u are wearing the lipstick :(
  • Dry lips will have problems with this one.
  • Even after applyin lipbalm underneath it tends to become dry and settles into fine lines after half and hour or so.I keep applying lipbalm over this.
  • The pinkish tint left by both Rum Raisin and On My Magenta is the same even thou both are poles is a deep darker shade and another is a bright fuchsia shade.
  • It is difficult to remove the satins from the lips.U need a oil based makeup remover.I use the chambor one from Blisscovered :)
RATING: :D :D :D out of 5

RECO: I would definitely recommend this shade.It makes up for the low staying power.And lips tend to get dry with matte lipsticks :) But be sure to smell the lipsticks at the counter ;)

P.S.: Obsessed Orange is available on stylecraze now..Boohoo..It was not there when I was looking for it :( Y me?? :( I can't stop dreaming of u my orange baby :\


  1. Thats a beautiful shade Sweta! It would go with ethnic wears so well. <3

  2. where is the colorbar counter in chennai? other than tnagar?

  3. In besant nagar Deeps :) I got this info from Aarthi's blog:) Trends in 3rd avenue besant the same lane of eden/anjappar :)

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