Sunday, 3 June 2012

Oily Haul :D

I did a haul of aroma magic essential oils : Stimulate oil,lavender oil and rose oil :) Along with these I got Parachute All seasons Body lotion.I wanted to try the summer variant but it was unavailable online :)
I purchased these from have reviewed the site here.

 And Surprise o surprise I got a sample Parachute Summer body lotion free free free :D The bottle is the cutest thing I have seen :D So chutku and adorable muahhhh :*

Will post the reviews of the body lotions and rose oil soon :) The rose oil is a repurchase :) The Lavender oil gave me severe allergy :( And the summer lotion is awesome :)


  1. the summer lotion looks great..nice haul.. :)

  2. Thanks Kuheli :) Have u tried u yet??

  3. Shame about the allergy! I love buying and trying new lotions :)

    Tanesha x



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