Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vacation Tym!!Wat I am carrying!

I am going for vacation and these are the stuffs that I am carrying..And Don't u dare to roll ur eyes on the amount of stuff I am carrying ;)

I hardly get to wear makeup in Normal life so I am going full throttle on makeup..its Weird that I feel more comfortable in my makeup with Strangers :)

Oh yeah..the date stamp :P

And Apart from these I am carrying the following in my handbag :P

In case u r wondering wat the heart velvet on the silver case is..It is a double side mirror :D I fell in love the moment my eyes fell on it!

And *SOME* skincare stuff:

I can c u rolling ur eyes..mind u !! 

I am thinking of taking out sum styff but I can't decide on which ones so they r gng to stay I guess!
Am off to my vacation!

Ciao!!Btw have u given Eat,Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert a read??If not Do so..It is mind blowingly awesum ;)


  1. Oh I love vacations, dressing up ... having all the time in the world to pep up and take loads of pics. Those lip colours look interesting. look forward for ure pictures in all these colours :)




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