Sunday, 12 February 2012

My DIY Recipe for Glowing skin!!

Once upon a tym,Long long ago I used to have clear glowing skin!No dullness No tiredness showing on my face!!Yes U got to believe tat!!But the arduous long journeys to my college(4-5 hrs a day!),the pollution and no sunscreen(I need to be kicked I know!) have sucked it all up!!So I use this Homemade face pack on saturdays to pamper myself(only if I am in the mood for it !) Am super lazy and that is y you are not supposed to ask why this pack hasn't given my old skin back:Simple:I fail to use it regularly :But I assure u : If u use this 1 well twice or thrice a week U need not sigh at the Model's photographs in the magazines..u can have it too !!

All U need:
  • Besan-2 scoops
  • Turmeric powder-1 scoop
  • Oats-powdered-1 scoop
  • Honey-3 tablespoon
  • Raw Milk-3 tablespoon
  • Oilve oil-depends on ur skin type-I have dry skin so I use 5/6 drops
  • Rose oil-2 drops max or else u can make do with rose water!!
  • Lemon juice-3 drops
  • Orange powder(optional)-1 scoop
  • Vit e-Evion works well-1 capsule
  • I also add a lil of Rose pack from Ayur !!-just a teaspoon :P
Phew!!That's a long list so now u know y I ain't so regular ;)And I didn't want to put a pic of the mixture cuz it luks gooey :| And I didn't want that to dissuade u from trying it ;)
Mix all the ingredients and apply all over ur body and face just 10 mins before u take bath!Don't use soap cuz this pack acts as a scrub,cleanser and moisturizer :D U will love the way ur skin feels and look at d mirror to see a gorgeous face staring right back at u ;)   

AND AM GOING TO DRAW UP A SKINCARE REGIME TO MAKE MY  SKIN GLOWY!!Will share it with u guys here soon :D


  1. Great Post! :) Will try this,this week :)

  2. THanks :D Yeah try and tell me :)

  3. Awesome, me saving the article, will try it out!

  4. @GB :me too :) Thanks :)

    @Taps:Hehehe :D Yeah try it :)

    @Nikki:Yeah :)

    @BMA:THank u :)

  5. Great DIY! Definitely have to try this :)

  6. love diy posts! am defs gonna try this, my skin alwaysss is in need of a glow!! great post xx

  7. am lazier, such a big list?? *.*
    still sounds its gonna work wonders looking at those ingredients..
    thanks for 'follow' following you back though GFC

  8. @Marija:Yeah Try it and tell me :)

    @Emma : Yeah try it :)

    @Sangeetha: Hehehe :P Yeah!!But worth it!!

  9. Hi dear.. I really love your blog! Simple and easy to read :)
    Follow you now!

    I'm newbie on beauty blog anyway :D

  10. It's nice to share this kind of beauty secrets.

  11. hifi...i use this ocassionally when i m successful in moving my lazy butt..hehe i have few tips on my blog too..might be helpful to u..ty



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