Sunday, 26 February 2012

Lipstick Love : Amway Attitiude Lipstick Swatches and Review!!!

Hi Guys!!

I have been obsessed with skincare these days!!Didn't use cosmetics much :D
Anks of Novice makeup asked for d swatches of these lipsticks so I got out of hibernation to post this :)

I got the Tester pack of the 6 lipsticks as I don usually buy darker shades and this was d rgt opportunity to try different colors without wasting money and also they are easier to carry around :)

 From L-R:Natural Brown,Choco Temptation,Maroon Magic,Brown Dazzle,Sassy Pink,Plum Shine
From L-R: Sassy Pink,Plum Shine,Maroon magic,Brown Dazzle,Natural Brown,Choco Temptation

From L-R : Sassy Pink,Plum Shine,Maroon Magic,Brown Dazzle

From L-R : Marron Magic,Brown Dazzle,Natural Brown,Choco temptation

There are totally 6 lipsticks that are Bullet-Sized.each is of 1.6 g and costs 120 I believe!!

Natural brown is a light brown shade but goes takes a pinkish brown color on my lips!
Choco Temptation is a orangy brown shade with obvious golden shimmers!
Maroon Magic  is a deep maroon shade as the name suggests!!
Brown Dazzle is the one with the most shimmery texture!It is a proper brown shade with golden shimmers!!
Sassy Pink is a milky cool toned pink color that is slightly difficult for me to carry :( I tone it down with a beige or brown gloss!!
Plum Shine is a pretty light plum shade!

Of the lot,Plum Shine and Natural Brown are my Favourites :)

  • The shades without shimmers have a light Glossy Finish!!
  • U have Browns,Pinks and Plums in this new range :)Everyone will find atleast one of their choice!!But I wish they had red instead of brown dazzle.
  • They do not dry my lips!!U can skip ur lipbalm with this if u do not suffer from chapped lips :)
  • They do not accentuate the fine lines!
  • I can forego lip gloss with d shimmer ones :D
  • The shimmers stay put for sometime before they start their journey :around the face in half an hour ;)
  • Extremely travel friendly:U can carry it in ur purse for any occasion!
  • The staying power is nearly 3 hrs in my case!!The darker shades(maroon and plum) leave a light stain after that..its nt much but I like the way they look natural
  • All the shades are decently pigmented!!
  • The individual  cost 250 nearly which is quite reasonable :)
  •  The packaging of the tester pack is very normal.But the actual lipsticks come in a black packaging!!
  • Availability is an issue!!I had to wait long !!
  • u can't exactly call these creamy but that's what makes them not bleed!!
  • The shimmers could stay put for a longer time :\
  • Could be more balmy.
I am really happy that I got this :D
Phew!!Such a long post :P


  1. loved sassy pink..seems bit coraly :)

  2. They are cute <3 <3.Most of lipsticks ends half used for me..this will be very convenient :)

  3. beautiful swatches
    Awesome post
    very nice blog im following you follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  4. @Sukanya:I found it candy pink..ummm not corally!!

  5. Yeah They are damn cute Siri :D Get these :)

  6. u r welcum :D Yeah Exactly my point GB:)

  7. Thank u so much :) yeah will do :)

  8. Thank you for your amazing review!

    Great blog; following you now.

    XOXO Britta

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