Monday, 27 February 2012

Milestone!!100 Sweet Followers!!

Yaaaaayyy!!So I got 100 great followers!!It is definitely a feat for sum1 like me who is irregular :D

Blogging has been a great stress buster and I have come to know sweet persons in the blogging world like Indu,Poohkie,Siri,Rekha,Suma,Ankita and many others :D My BFF was my first follower :D
Indu is the first friend I got  thru  the blog <3 Thank u Indu :)

I Thank All my Cutie Pies who are following this blog :D It means a lot to me :'( I am all getting senti :|
Ok I don want to ramble more so Kudos guys!!Muah :* :*


  1. congrats! :) and wishing you many more success!

  2. congo girl !!!

  3. Aww thanks a lot for mentioning me sweety, you are such a sweet heart. Congo on your acheivement, me getting all senti too :) Love you, may you reach many more milestones :-*

  4. @Rekha :Thank u So much :)

    @Deepika:Thank u yar :D

  5. @Simera:Thank u Simera :D

    @Sukanya:Thanks Cutie :)

    @Kanika:Thanks Kanika :)

  6. @Indu:I mean it Indu :) Thank u :) Hope u too get to 100 pretty soon :)



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