Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Aroma Magic Almond Moisturising lotion Review!

I have my exams going on so I am unable to do regular posts but I wanted to share the stuff that Save my skin this winter :)  I am going to review Aroma Magic Almond moisturizing lotion and I will review other products soon :)

It is cream colored and semi liquid..has a slightly thick consistency.I have dry skin which turns out to be very dry in winters...I use Olay in summers but It is not enuf in winters. I tried using cold creams but they made my face oily. That’s when I read a review of this saviour on IMBB.I immediately got this and to say I love it would be less ;) It has a slight medicinal smell but am totally ok with it as it moisturises and nourishes my skin. My skin definitely feels soft and good.
If U have oily skin then mix it with a lil water and apply it otherwise u can use it as it is :) 

Price:130 for 120ml and u require only a little of this lotion :) 

1.       Packaging is hygienic and travel friendly.
2.       An awesome moisturiser.
3.       Will last long.
4.       Try buying the smaller bottle since the longer bottle will take a very long tym to finish and u might get bored of it :P
5.       It is more natural kind of product and it made me develop a respect for d brand
6.       NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS..so YAY!! for tat :) 

1.       The cap of the bottle is lil tight.
2.       Might be greasy in summers not for me thou :) U can solve it by adding water as I already mentioned.

:* :* :* :* :* :* (Yes :* not :D for this Blossom Kochhar make ;) )

A boon for Dry skinned!!

So guys share ur HG moisturiser for the winter.I would Love to know :)Don forget to drop in ur sweet comments !!

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