Sunday, 2 September 2012

My Ultimate Aid for Dark Circles!

I wanted to share a product that is a blessing for my dark circles!I am a total insomniac and result??dark circles that make my eyes look all d more hollow.So while scouring net for remedies I came across "Tea bags". I drink Green Tea (love) everyday and hence decided to use them for my horrendous circles ;)

And the results I tell u are great.And y:
  • Green Tea has Antioxidants which r key anti aging elements.Eye area is more prone to aging compared to rest of ur body(wrinkles!)
  • Has EGCG which is an anti inflammatory.
  • It reduces Puffing since it contains Caffeine.
  • Massaging the eye area with tea bags helps eliminate the dilation around the eyes.
  • Cold massages..aahhhh is so relaxing!
  • Tightens the area around eyes to prevent sagging.

So all in all it works as a prefect tool against dark circles :D So ladies it is time to refrigerate ur green tea bags without dumping them  ;)

I usually use Organic India's green tea with tulsi (loose) but since I ran out of them I got these which taste rather like a punishment than a treat.U can prepare tea bags by placing the used tea leaves in a clean muslin cloth and tying it into a knot!

Also Green Tea works as an excellent toner for oily/combination skin.I used it for my dry(very) skin.It felt refreshing initially but then skin felt tighter(mayb it is the ECGC) and in need of moisturiser.
But no worries dry skinnies U can make an anti aging pack by mixing green tea leaves and honey which is moisturising too :) Add milk for an extra moisture boost :)

P.S: Try these and tell me how they worked for u :)



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