Monday, 15 October 2012

SkinCare: Lotus AlphaMoist Hydroxy Moisturiser Review!

I am a great fan of Lotus skin care products :) I have used their Aloehydra moisturiser(perfect for normal-oily skin),Jojoba facewash(one with the milli capsules),Clay mask(which was a disappontment) and their Lip Therapy which are the best non tinted lip balms :)

My skin is now normal-dry and I wanted a day moisturiser that would not make me sweat and provide proper hydration.I had the choice of Alphamoist and Sheamoist.But I didn't find the smell of sheamoist much to my liking.

Price : 185/- Rs. for 80 ml

Packaging : It comes in a bottle with a nozzle at the top which helps u control the amount.But the cap does not hold strong as with other lotus products.It is loosely held and can break easily.And cuz of this it is not travel friendly.

Texture: The texture is between creme and gel.I find it a lil similar to the Lotus Micro emulsion.The moisturizer is water based hence u wont find it heavy or greasy :)

Color: The cream is white in color but becomes transparent as u blend it.U won't find any whitish cast.

smooth hydrated skin :)

Finish: Since it is water based it does not make skin oily.Instead it provides good hydration
 to the skin for a healthy glow :) Does not mattify the skin if u are looking for it and does not cause oiliness either.

It does not make tall claims of whitening or brightening which is good considering most of the products which claim fail at that! 

Being a day moisturiser it lacks in SPF which is a high con but I make peace with it since I always apply my Neutrogena SPF 50 + Sunscreen.

My Verdict: A moisturiser that will suit normal,oily and dry skin but extreme dry/oily skin can look for other options like Aloe vera gels(oily skin) and Aroma Magic Almond lotion/Olay/Lotus gel creme/Lakme Peach milk for dry skin :)
Also it might not suit dry skin in the winters.

4.2 out of 5

Hope u find my review helpful :) Happy Shopping!


  1. nice review dear!! i have dry skin and its acting cranky these days.. i guess i ll give it a try.. :)

  2. lovely!

  3. have heard so much about this..n now ur revw..badly wanna buy

  4. This review was really helpful, thx girl :D
    xoxo <3



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