Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lipstick Love : NYX Round Lipstick Lip Creme in 565 B52 Swatches!

How excited do u get when u find an awesome product in ur makeup stash which u had ignored till now??

I was jumping all over the place :D And that was because I found this particular lipstick so good both the color and the texture :)
I had actually worn it once or twice but as with all NYX lipsticks this one smells like detergent and I kept away from it .

But the other day I took this out and tried it was so creamy and the color is such a pretty Pinkish brown that I could see stars in the daylight :D :P (in a gud way of course)

  • I found it is actually a Lipstick Lip Creme on google (decode urself) and is the creamiest lipstick I have ever used.
  • It is packed with pigments and a single swipe is enuf to cover any degree of pigmentation.
  • It is a pinkish brown shade that is on the brighter side.It is not ur regular n*de shade but will brighten up ur face.

  • The color is not overpowering either.
  • The finish is glossy and makes the lips look plump.
  • It keeps my lips hydrated as long as I wear it.I do not need a lip balm with this :)
  • Due to the creamy texture it has the tendency to bleed and lasts 2-3 hrs on me.
  • Does not settle into fine lines nor does it stain ur lips.
  • This one melts so u need to refrigerate it
  • The smell is not pleasing to put it mildly ;).

All in all I would say a must have lipstick owing to its texture and pigmentation.The color is rich and will suit duskier skintones too.I can't thank Rekha enough for including this in her giveaway :D Thank u again :)
I compared this with Lakme Rose Kissed and found them to b almost similar but this one is more intense and has a more brownish undertone.
And I also swatched this with My Mahogany and the colors are very different.My mahogany is kind of peachy browny shade while this one is pinky browny.Check out for urself ;)

Left:My mahogany Right: NYX lipcream in 565 B52
 What r ur experiences with NYX lipsticks??


  1. Nice review Raaga!
    i like both colors!

  2. such a beautiful shade <3 Love NYX lippies <3

  3. Hain na? :) wich shade do u own?

  4. Both the colours look really nice and I bet they suit our Indian skintones really well :-)

    Cherry Lane xoxo

  5. Yea they complement our skintones well!glad u liked d colors Cherry :)



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