Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fitter Me: My diet and Exercise Regime!

Since I am tied indoors due to the heavy rain I thot I might as well do this post ;)

So first the diet that I follow:

Morning (6/7) : That's when I get up :)  2 glasses of water + 4 almonds + a glass of green tea.Along with this a fruit/carrot/tomato.I need fuel to work out ;)


Post-workout (9/10) : A glass of protein.

Mid morning(10/11) : 1 small cup of  Red/brown rice with veggies and lil pickle.

Lunch (1/2) : 2 Roti with veggies/2 dosa/3 idly/ 2 idiyappam/poha

After 1/2 hr:1 glass of milk with turmeric (good for stomach)

Evening : Green tea with a fruit/dates/roasted channa/chivda/Roasted Makhnas(its my fav) U can get Makhnas from Bombay General stores near Duraisamy Subway (opp to Pothys).They are very nutritious and taste yummy.I forgot to mention them in the previous post.

Dinner(7): Salad comprising of carrots,cucumbers,tomatoes,mushrooms,cabbage anything that's there in the fridge at that time ;)  
A glass of protein if I workout in the evening.

Late night : I am mostly awake till 11 so I munch on carrots/drink milk.
* I stay away from oily and junk foods
*I recommend not to have carbohydrates(carbs) at night since they take longer to digest and since u will be asleep mostly by that time u won't need tat energy and it will be stored as fat.
*Also try having early dinner mostly by 7 or 8.
*Including more protein in ur diet is important since Protein provides u with immediate energy hence u will feel great as well as not crave for *stuff* (junk)
*Ur body needs nutrients and when u eat junk food u do not provide it with sufficient nutrients hence ur body will send u signals to eat more food.when u do not provide it even then it becomes a cycle. U will feel hungry and tired and pile on pounds!
* If I am hungry between meals I munch on fruits and nuts and drink buttermilk!

My Exercise Regime : I workout at home.No gymshym for me.There is no good 1 nearby and if it's far I start procastinating.

That's me :D

Morning : (after some fuel)

 20 to 30 mins walk in the park (fast walking).I do not jog.But am not regular with this 1 ;)

 Strength training for an hour

Yoga for 30 mins which includes 6 sets of suryanamaskar and some asanas.

Evening: (5)

Cardio training for 1 hr


1 hr or more of shuttle

Yup My workout is intense so I make sure I eat a lot of veggies.I will share my initial workouts in the upcoming posts :)

Keep tuned in for my Next Posts which will be on What to Eat and What Not to Eat and Exercises which worked for me ;)

Till then


  1. wow you are too good girl :) keep it up ..

  2. You sound fit Shweta! Can you write a bit more about the exercises? I run, but going outside in this weather is awful & dangerous. I need some indoor workout ideas!

  3. yea will do Poohkie :) And no am far from fit ;) But so much better than wat I was :)



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